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Oct 7, 2008 10:26 AM

Turkish food - Beyoglu, Ali Baba or Sip Sak?

Want to try some Turkish food while in town this weekend. Any preferences among these three? Others you would recommend? Prefer UES or Midtown. Thanks!

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  1. Never been to those but do love Turkish Kitchen on 3rd Ave (28th St)

    1. Never been to the other 2, but I like Ali Baba.

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      1. re: Lucia

        Second Ali Baba for the Midtown area. Beyoglu is perfect if you want to stay UES.

      2. Turkish kitchen!

        Been to Turkish Kitchen and Sip Sak and have to say that the decor and ambience between them are night and day different.

        Sip sak means slowish service and sitting on unfinished plywood (yes, i have had splinters in my pants!!!). price is $$

        Turkish kitchen is gorgeous and while is not 100% authentic, it is really good food (so says my turkish friends). Price is $$$

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        1. re: eatereater123

          Haven't been to Sip Sak or Beyoglu, but would definitely recommend Ali Baba. Turkish Kitchen is also good, but a little more expensive and not as authentic. Also, Dervish on 46th between 6th and 7th Ave is quite good.

        2. On the UES, I would choose Uskudar. Delicious food served by a friendly staff in a small, cozy space with charming decor.

          1. Beyoglu was my fave restaurant on the UES when I lived in the hood! Sip Sak is also terrific, but totally different vibe (see eatereater123). Turkish Kitchen is still on my list of "must get to one of these days".