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Oct 7, 2008 09:58 AM

Eel Sushi in Cranston, Providence or Warwick

Hello All!

I have a friend coming in from the West coast in about a week and she wants to take me for sushi. (A new experience for me!) I am wondering what place is the best. She specifically wants a place that has eel on the menu.

Help is appreciated! :D

Thank you,


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  1. Try Haruki East in Providence or Sea Shai in Middletown. Both have Great fresh sushi, not sure if they have eel. give them a call.

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    1. re: ellensp

      I know both have eel (unagi) and it is delicious! Usually it is cooked so you do not have to worry.

    2. My husband's favorite is unagi. We usually go to the Haruki in Cranston, just because it's closer to us, but Haruki East is great too.

      1. Thank you for the recommendations! We did it last night, and ended up at Haruki in Cranston.

        It was a great introduction to sushi for me. She was happy because they had both fresh and sea eel on the menu. The dragon roll was really tasty. Although I liked most all of it, I have to say that the ginger dressing on the salad was really quite good and the fried ginger ice cream was a nice sweet finish.

        The only complaint was that the gree tea was not all that good, but aside from this, it was really great!

        Thanks again!

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        1. re: sigil

          So glad you liked it!

          They sell the dressing in bottles to take home too. Just ask your server for a bottle the next time you're in.

          1. re: dagwood

            I know this is not restaurant talk but I also love that dressing and I have the recipe if you'd like it.