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Oct 7, 2008 09:41 AM

Tapas in BA

My wife and I are going to be in BA for a week from Oct 15. We are staying in the Elavage Hotel on Maipu near the Plaza San Martin. As we are flying all night from Canada to get there, we will not want a big meal the first night in BA. Are there any Tapas Bars in this neighborhood or the equivalant type of bistro or bar where one can get a bottle of wine and a few smaller portion dishes to snack on? What is the alternative in Argentina (first trip) to the Parillas and full service restaurants when one needs good food but not a huge meal.

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  1. The only tapas bar I know in town is Tancat, at Paraguay 645, in the Centro area.

    1. Bistros aren't particularly popular here, since most cafés serve some kind of food (tartas, sandwiches, etc.). A lot of restaurants and bars will serve a tabla, which is usually ham, assorted cheeses, and some vegetables. One thing to look out for when you are ordering salad is that they will often give you vegetable oil. They usually have olive oil, but you just have to ask for it.

      Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with that neighborhood for any recommendations close to where you are.

      I attached a picture of a tabla from a restaurant in San Telmo (Estados Unidos 501 and Bolivar) called Territorio, which is somewhat close to where you are, but you'll need to take a cab.

      Buenos Aires , AR