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Oct 7, 2008 09:24 AM

Fresh Chestnuts in time for Thanksgiving 2008?

I'm looking for fresh chestnuts in the GTA (Toronto) area (although I'm willing to go to Hamilton if necessary).

I saw some the other day in Sun Valley on the Danforth, but they were in poor shape (soft, dull shells).

Is it too early? Can anyone recommend a greengrocer that has them in stock now?

I'm hoping to get a pound or two in time for Thanksgiving, as I put them in my turkey stuffing.

Many thanks,


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  1. I believe I saw some at the Farmer's market at City Hall downtown - the one that occurs on Wednesday mornings/early afternoon. I saw them last week, not sure if they will be there again this week. It was at a fruit stall on the south-most end of the market.
    Cheers and good luck!

    1. I had some from Fortinos (Hurontario and Bovaird) last week. They were really good.

      1. Also, if you didn't mind them pre-roasted, T&T sells them by the pound. They are freshly roasted. Should be there on the weekends only though. So call ahead. They have samples for you to try as well.

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          If you are around the St.Clair West & Dufferin area I would have a look at some of the Italian Greengrocers...not sure they have them as yet but they are a much better resource than any of the 'chainstores' when they do have them. They are ususally a lot fresher (bright , firm & shiny shells. I have found that the 'chains' can't compete ...the chestnuts sit around for ages and they often are moldy inside, the skins dull and the flesh dried out....the greengrocers may charge more but I believe it's worth the extra....

        2. I noticed them at Longos at York Mills and Leslie last week but didn't look at them closely so cannot speak to their quality. Generally, though, Longos' produce is very good.

          1. I bought fresh ones from T & T over the weekend. There were one or two duds in there, but over all quite good.