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Oct 7, 2008 08:53 AM

Kosher hotels in Florida?

I remember going to Miami Beach to stay at the kosher hotels there; the Saxony, Sans Sousi and the Crown. Are there any kosher hotels left in Miami Beach? What about other beach communities in Florida?


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  1. There are no kosher hotels left in Miami Beach unfortunately. The closest is Days Inn which had a kosher Chinese restaurant that offered prepaid Shabbos meals. It is closed now ,but is supposed to reopen(according to the person that answered the phone at the Days Inn). Breakfast is available at Dunkin Donuts ,Bagel Time ,Tasti Cafe etc. ,all in the 41 st area. Be aware that they get busy. I don't know of any other kosher beach hotels in Florida. There are plenty of restaurants in the Miami,Fort Lauderdale,West Palm Beach area. You can check on the great Kosher Restaurants and Shamash .org

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      One Pesach, I was in Miami and the most "upscale" kosher hotel at the time (Eden Roc) was just b-a-d. Gross buffets, no class, guys that wore t-shirts that said "I got this at Lenny's Bar Mitzvah", No joke! And these people were paying over $3000 pp a week!

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