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Oct 7, 2008 08:48 AM

Englewood, FL

I am looking for a good casual restaurant in Englewood, FL to take my aunt. She likes Lock & Key, but I am looking for an additional choice. Any suggestions?


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  1. The Gulf View Grille is just north of the Lock & Key. Food is good and it's a great place to watch the sunset while you eat.

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      Try also Farlow's on the water. I have heard good things about Zydeco and Mango Cafe (new on Dearborne st).

    2. My Favorite is:
      Daniel's Steak & Seafood
      3745 Cape Haze Drive
      Placida, FL 33946
      Always a great meal, african wines & Joanie's special martini's!

      1. In Englewood, proper, I have to second Zydeco's. Good Food at a good price. For Thai, come up to Venice, on the trail just north of 776 to Dara Thai, on the west side of the road. Also Taste of Boston just north of them. Lots of mediocre Italian-American (but little 'real' Italian) everywhere.

        In Venice also, my favorite Cafe/casual dining is Nick's Neighborhood Cafe, 759 Shamrock, west of the Trail. Very good Greek inspired food.