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Oct 7, 2008 08:44 AM

Taste of Chinatown this weekend?

This post mentions Taste of Chinatown this weekend:

I can't confirm this anywhere online on any other website - can anyone confirm?

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    1. I have seen this listed in a number of places. It is indeed listed for Sat. Oct 11 from 12-6.

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      1. re: prdct

        Can you tell me where if possible?

        1. re: shorts

          This sucks ... I was looking forward to this weekend. Do we have any inside connections on this board to confirm? This is the best taste in NYC and they are not taking it serious enough!!! :)

          1. re: 50west77th

            According to this site (, which usually posts information about events going on Chinatown, it does indeed look like it's been bumped up to December.

            1. re: baobao

              THAT SUCKS SO BAD!!! I was so looking forward to it. And now in December??? That's messed up.

              1. re: 50west77th

                Isn't Chinatown cheap enough already? You can eat until you burst for under $30 and that's if you're a big eater.

                1. re: KTinNYC

                  Yeah, but my goal isn't to eat until I burst. It's to try lots of small portions of different foods. Since I don't often go to Chinatown in a big group, Taste of Chinatown is my favorite way to do this. Agree that this sucks. It will be awfully cold in December, and unpleasant to eat outside.

                  1. re: small h

                    If you eat wisely, you can certainly accomplish your goal of eating small items in Chinatown. And the food will generally be better as well. Here are a few things one can order on a "noshing" tour there:

                    Prosperity or any of the other dumpling joints -- 5 for a $1 (or maybe 4 for a dollar) dumplings, sesame beef pancakes
                    Banh Mi Saigon Bakery -- banh mi (you need to split this with 2-4 people as it's pretty filling); or you can take the leftovers home and heat it up in the toaster oven later
                    Chinatown Ice Cream Factory -- one scoop of the more esoteric flavors like taro or ginger
                    Deluxe Food Market -- lots of take-out smaller options like congee, buns, shrimp chueng fun -- however, you can get better renditions elsewhere
                    Many Chinatown bakeries (including Mei Lei Wah, Taipan) -- egg custard tarts, roast pork buns, steamed buns, pineapple buns
                    BBQ stand on Mosco street -- skewered meats (I haven't had these yet)
                    Underneath the Manhattan bridge -- $1 greens sandwich
                    Malaysia Beef Jerky -- jerky
                    160 East Broadway -- $1.50 freshly made cheung fun
                    Street stands on Canal, Grand, Bowery -- lo mein, mai fun, warm tofu with ginger syrup (though I'm not fans of any of these three; however it seems that the Taste of Chinatown is full of these offerings -- at least the lo mein and mai fun)
                    Stand on Mott Street right by the shop that sells noodles and soy milk -- 3 for a $1 turnip cakes; I think they also sell that warm tofu there too
                    Pho Viet Huong -- summer rolls (just said this because I know this restaurant has a stand out that sells summer rolls during this festival); you can get these easy-to-nosh rolls at practically all of the Vietnamese restaurants here
                    Dim sum restaurants -- I think you can do take-out

                    n.b. Prices may have risen as it seems that prices everything are creeping up. But it's still cheap.

                    1. re: Miss Needle

                      Well, thanks! That's worth a clip 'n save!

                      1. re: Miss Needle

                        Really great recommendations...

                        I quite like the BBQ stand on Mosco. The guy that runs it is very friendly, and seems to genuinely care about the food he makes. Everything is cheap and seems reasonably fresh. Also, he makes his own version of Mexican corn, which while not particularly authentic, is great to have in the neighborhood.

                        1. re: Miss Needle

                          Great list Miss Needle,

                          The tofu places like the one mentioned on mott street also sell grass jelly and bak tong go. Bak tong go is some sweet white gelantinous rice cake that's fairly tasty. Grass jelly is a bit bitter.

                          New Southwind has a cheung fun roll with bits of salted preserve vegetables and dried small small shrimp. It's like 70 or 80 cents.

                          If you get there for breakfast, Sanur does a weird breakfast. You can get something like nasi lemak for 2 bucks. Its rice with anchovies half a hardboiled egg some kind of spicy sauce and peanuts. They have other offerings as well. They also run a fairly cheap lunch special. I think it was any three items for 3.50 or 4, I forget. Make sure you go upstairs for the food, the downstairs portion of Sanur is a sit down restaurant with different items. Sanur is malaysian which sets it apart from the other 4 items for 4 dollars places.

                          If you are traveling in large groups. You probably can order stuff off those roast meat shops like Noodletown or even Kam Man supermarket. Like a quarter pound of roast duck, pork or pig for a taste.

                          If you are willing to eat off a street cart

                          The bbq meat stick stand cart by the manhattan bridge and east broadway mall I think serves better meat on a stick than the mosco street place, though the mosco street place isn;t bad and looks safer since they use refridgeration. The ones in flushing are better though.

                          I haven't been in years but there used to be a street cart on hester and bowery that served fried eggplant/pepper/tofu topped with some kind of fish paste. They also had curried fish balls , cheong fun, curried squid etc.. It used to be 1 dollar an item probably higher prices now. I'm pretty sure you can find other carts that sell the same stuff.