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Oct 7, 2008 08:27 AM

[Dallas] Good Risotto Places

We have recently moved here from Washington DC, and are trying to find a place that makes good Risotto. We want a place that makes the authentic kind (where it's nice and starchy) vs just flavored rice, where you know they just covered the pan and let the rice cook!

We're in Richardson so anywhere in Richardson/Plano area, or even Knox Henderson, Galleria area, would be great.

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  1. Taverna has great risottos. It's over near Knox Henderson.

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    1. re: Buttrcup1

      Yes Taverna is a good choice. We also have had some great Risotto at Mi Piacci.

    2. I thought i was going to be helpful by clicking on this link and replying with Taverna, but since I am the third one, I am just left to agree and recommend Taverna.

      1. Yes! Taverna for risotto. Their little pizza's are good too.

        1. Cafe Italia on Lovers has an AMAZING risotto. It is not an authentic recipe but the flavors are a great mix...smoked gouda, roasted chicken, asparagus, and spiced pecans. I get it every time I go there, very original!