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Oct 7, 2008 07:53 AM

Fez -- Charleston, SC

While driving down Maybank Highway this weekend, we noticed that Fez (the Moroccan restaurant that everyone loved for a while... then it became iffy) has closed and been replaced by something else (the name escapes me).

Hadn't heard anything about this, so thought I would put it up here.

Anyone have the scoop on Fez's demise and the new place?

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  1. According to the City Paper, Fez closed because of a faulty air conditioner and never reopened. The new place is a taqueria, the name could be Zia Taqueria. Anyway, entrees are in the $8-14 range and you order at the counter & your food is brought to you. The new place was supposed to open on the first of this month, did it look open to you?

    Here is the CP article:

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    1. re: lizzy

      Fez closed because of a lot more than a faulty air conditioner! Their collective ego got in their way -- the quality in just about everything slipped. We never noticed they had closed because we were never going back (which was a shame, because they started out really well).

      We were too far away to notice anything other than the signage change, so don't know if the new joint has opened yet.

      1. re: DavidA

        Yes I do realize that Fez did not close because of a faulty air conditioner. According to the article I linked, they posted a sign on their door saying the air conditioner was not working and they were closed. Only after being closed for months, and well after the rumors had started, did they shut down permanently.

        I never made it out to Fez, although I wish I had. Growing up in Chicago I always had a plethora of ethnic restaurants to choose from, and I sometimes miss that.

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          Try La Fourchette on King Street-- although they don't have the true Moroccan dishes Fez attempted, they do a much better version of the French ones. (And I didn't mean to imply you thought they did close because of the AC!)

    2. I rode by yesterday and the sign said now open for the taco place-anyone been yet?

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        I tried out Zia Taqueria last weekend. It wasn't bad, but could use some improvement. Apparently the owner used to work at Taco Boy and he has borrowed heavily from their concept. The margaritas are better than Taco Boy's though, and cheaper. The salsa and chips were tasty, but the main menu food needs some work - salad was underdressed and a bit bland, carnitas was dry, catfish in baja taco had fishy belly meat. . . .They're apparently still tweaking the menu, so things could get better. I hope they can succeed, it's nice to have a cheap place to eat next to the theater, and some Mexican food closer to home that isn't smothered in nacho cheese.

        1. re: mle17

          The owner of Zia made the menu and perfected the recipes at Taco Boy. He traveled all arounfd the lower part of the country, stopping at every taqueria he could find. Make sure to give a new resturant a little bit of time, for if I know the owner, he strives for perfection. Zia is sure to be a hit!