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Oct 7, 2008 06:40 AM

best challah NYC

Where is the best challah in new york? preferably from either the west village or mid-upper east side.


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  1. I just had great challah for the holiday from Sarge's. Almost cake-like.

    1. Bruce's Bakery on 57th and 1st....

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      1. re: Julz124

        A co-worker of mine brought in Bruce's last week and it was delicious. Granted, I think it was from the LI store, but I can only hope the one on 57th and 1st is just as good.

      2. Just had a very delicious challah from Citarella.

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        1. re: jns7

          I like their Challah as well.

        2. Zaydies (it's the brand name) at Supersol..

          661 Amsterdam 212-222-6332