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Oct 7, 2008 06:38 AM

Jo Jo Taipei report

My daughter and I stopped in last Friday night. We got there early, so there was no wait (yipee!). We had an awesome meal...loved the pickled cabbage and peanuts they provide to start, and we also chose the seaweed salad. Well executed, not soggy. A scallion pancake was just as other hounds reported...flaky and perfectly seasoned. I really liked their spicy dipping sauce too! We had the eggplant w/basil and steamed jumbo shrimp w/garlic sauce. My first time trying their was addicting! My daughter has yet to like eggplant (she's 13), but this dish made her a convert! Finally, the shrimp/garlic sauce. This was not your typical "garlic sauce" dish! The shrimp were butterflied, steamed and presented in a beautiful circular pattern on the platter. Topped with tons of sauteed garlic atop each shrimp, and nested on a light, almost brothy, garlic sauce. Fresh cilantro completed the dish. It was beautiful and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Almost an Asian scampi!

Service was outstanding. When they realized we were vegetarians (pesca-tarians, really), they went out of their way to point out special vegetarian dishes and specials for the day.

We can't wait to go back......has anyone tried the "three cups tofu"?? What is it like?

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  1. three cups tofu is a variation of three cups chicken. tofu cooked in a clay pot with a cup of soy sauce, a cup of rice wine, and a cup of sesame oil. garlic, ginger, and sugar are added for additional flavor and the dish is finished with fresh basil leaves

    had three cups chicken, cuttlefish, and tofu at jo jo taipei and liked the three cups tofu the best. the soft texture of the tofu really absorbed the sauce well

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      Yeah, the three cups tofu is one of my favorite dishes on the menu. Highly recommended.

    2. I enjoy their noodle soups and hot pots, chili chicken, etc. To be honest, I've liked everything I've tried - I've never been to Taiwan - but I like the mixture of dishes with roots in different parts of China.

      It is also nicely decorated.

      1. I loved the 3 cups chicken--it was unanimously everyone's favorite at our table, so would imagine the 3 cups tofu as being pretty darned good.

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          Thank you for this review, Science Chick. This could be the answer to my quest for local terrific Asian food.

        2. I love the eggplant with basil here too! I prefer it to Taiwan Cafe's version, which is goopier, and tastes much stronger of sweet and sour. I loved their three cups chicken as well. It is cooked just a tiny bit over what a normal chinese poached/braised chicken would go, which I don't mind, and the flavor is awesome. I think their XLB are very good as well, small, without too many scallions like what you'd get at canto dimsum, laced with soy sauce unlike the shanghai version, and maybe this is my poor palette when it comes to XLB, but I think it was about as good as ding tai feng's in taiwan (I had the plain pork).

          I tried their cong bao yang rou though, and that was pretty bad, and from what I hear, their cumin lamb is no good either, so I might stay away from stir fried meat dishes.

          I love, LOVE taiwan Cafe's dumplings where the cabbage isn't cooked completely to mush, and I was wondering how the dumplings here compare.