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Oct 7, 2008 06:25 AM

One week in Chicagoland, suggestions please.

My wife is attending a conference in Naperville next week and I am tagging along. I will have a car and would like to know some of the can't miss places in the "burbs." Not looking for anything over the top. Mostly inexpensive to moderate places, but we are not picky. We love good chow period. I have no problem driving for good chow.

We are really hoping to get to Greektown while there and are wondering if it is a doable drive. We are ending the week in downtown Chicago for two nights on the weekend. I have that area covered. It is the weekdays in the burbs that I am hoping for suggestions.

Many thanks,

Jeff in PA

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  1. Definitely get to Greektown! It's about 45 minutes away from Naperville. My family has been going to The Parthenon since I was little. For $20-$23 a person you get a huge family-style meal. They say they invented saganaki and gyros and all this stuff, I don't know how true that is, but the food is good. Greek Islands is also popular, but they recently had a rodent problem.

    I know there is a Naperville outpost of Heaven on Seven, if you like cajun food.

    I don't really go Naperville way, but Yelp is popular in Chicago, so you may want to see what locals say. You can check out this link:

    Get some good Italian beef at Buona Beef. Also, there seems to be a lot of local, family places that are town secrets in strip malls in the suburbs, so keep your eyes open.

    I'm sure Downer's Grove and Bolingbrook have some good places to eat as well.

    1. Two of my favorite seafood restaurants are in the western suburbs - Parker's Ocean Grill in Downers Grove, and Hugo's Frog Bar in Naperville. You can also get our great Chicago deep-dish pizza, including the double-crust "stuffed" pizza at Giordano's, and the single-crust "pan" pizza at Lou Malnati's; each of these chains has two locations in Naperville. You'll find lots more recommendations for the western suburbs, including Naperville, in the discussion at

      Greek Town is along a stretch of Halsted Street about a half mile west of the middle of downtown Chicago. It's 45 minutes at an off hour with no traffic, and can take a lot longer during commuting hours. Although there are excellent Greek restaurants there, you can also find excellent Greek restaurants in the western suburbs. Just to name one, Greek Islands, a restaurant in Greek Town, has a second location in west suburban Lombard, not far from Naperville. IMHO, it's not worth driving all the way downtown just to go to Greek Town - but if you still wish to do so, you can find opinions on the restaurants there in the discussion at

      1. White Chocolate Grill is unique and they have great food too. It's right around all the hotels in Naperville off of Diehl Road. You gotta try the AZ egg rolls. They are to die for!

        Downtown Naperville is a must visit. You'll find a wide variety of restaurants within walking distance of each other and various places to see live bands etc.

        1. If you make it out to Greektown, try Santorini. Absolutely sublime.

          I like nsxtasy's recommendation of Hugo's, though I have not been to the one in Naperville. Generally the suburban versions are not as good as the originals.