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Oct 7, 2008 05:27 AM

Where to find cannolis?

Is there any bakery that sells cannolis? OU-D is fine.

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  1. gimme jimmee's in livingston

    1. without a doubt, Sapienza in Elmont, LI. An authentic Italian bakery that is under kosher supervision.

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      1. re: mggn

        Kof-K provides the kosher supervision of Sapienza. Authentic Italian, indeed!

      2. BS"D

        I used to like the cannoli at White Plains Bake Shop, which was under supervision for a long time. Alas, I heard last year or 2 years ago that it is no longer supervised.

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        1. re: ganeden

          Still there, still delicious and still supervised. It's supervised by the Rabbi of the YI of White Plains and the Hebrew Institute of White Plains. The cakes are delicious, but can't speak to the cannolis.

          1. re: craigcep

            Try Fairway, they have real cannoli stuffed with ricotta impostatta which is the difference between the real ones and the imitation filled with pareve whipped topping

            1. re: EvanM

              I love the cannoli from Fairway. The cannoli aren't expensive either. They have a very strong cinnamony taste, which doesn't appeal to everyone. I think it tastes more like cinnamon oil or extract than the spice .

        2. Another vote for Sapienza in Elmont. I hadn't had a "real" canoli in over 25 years. Last year I was at the home of someone who lived near this bakery and for seudat shlishit we had a cake with canolli filling. I hadn't tasted anything like that since back in my non-kosher days, so I asked about it, and was told about Sapienza's. I went myself soon after, and had my first authentic canolli in a quarter century. I'm sort of glad I don't live too close by or I'd be eating them far too often!

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          1. re: queenscook

            One more vote for Sapienza. It is about a mile past Belmont.

            1. re: JS69

              Sapienza sounds fantastic (I used to live near it.) Unfortunately for us cholev Yisroel folks, the only products available at Sapienza are a very few breads, and none of the tantalizing dairy treats are cholev Yisroel. Is there such an animal as a cholev Yisroel canoli... or spumoni, for that matter? Our child once attempted to make spumoni (a frozen Italian confection) from scratch from a recipe; it was ok, but nothing to write home about.

              1. re: midasgold


                Theoretically, cannoli could be cholov yisroel, if the ricotta is smooth enough and not gritty. It's problematic even with typical ricotta. I think it really requires whey ricotta to be at it's best, fluffed to a light airy whip.

          2. If you drive another 20 minutes north of White Plains Bake Shop, you'll hit Beldotti's Bakery in Stamford, under the supervision of the Va'ad of Fairfield County. Best cannoli I have ever eaten.