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Oct 7, 2008 01:30 AM

Process of elimination: DC

I will be visiting the DC area in late October and have made of list of places that look interesting after having perused the board and other sources. The list:
Komi (pretty much a definite, reserved)
Ray's the Steaks
Two Amy's
Cafe Atlantico (brunch)
Tabard Inn (brunch)
Unfortunately, time and stomach capacity constraints will prevent me from being able to try them all. Which two would you eliminate?

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  1. You'll be able to get to seven of those places? Wow!

    Great choices. I'd eliminate Eammons and Tabard Inn. If you need a brunch fill-in, go for Black Salt then, and add some oysters or something to your meal.

    1. I would eliminate Tabard Inn (for brunch go to Bistro Bis. Unless you want something totally different then stick to Cafe Atlantico). I would also eliminate Eammon's, unless you seriously have a thing for fried candy bars (among other things). Still the other places are more worth it. (I should mention I haven't been to a few on your list...but they are on my list of "must try soon."

      1. I'd eliminate Tabard Inn (nice place for tea and apps, but the food is just meh) and Two Amys, unless you want to enjoy your Neapolitan pizza in an authentic nursery atmosphere.

        1. I'd eliminate Two Amy's and Eammons. The former is uninspired and a freaking amusement park. The latter is not at all good; don't understand all the praise it receives. If you want serious fish and chips go to LA Bar and Grill on Columbia Pike. Total dive, but delicious.

          1. I have to agree about eliminating the Tabard Inn -- the best thing about it is the nice outdoor patio in the back -- at the end of October that might not be an option. I would also eliminate Two Amy's -- unless your hometown is absolutely devoid of good pizza. If so, I'd prefer Pizzeria Paradiso -- excellent pizza without the KinderCare atmosphere.