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Oct 7, 2008 12:34 AM

3 Nights in Venice. Please choose!

tomorrow i am goingt to flight to venice and enoud 3 nights there.
i have searched the forum and found lots of interesting tips. now i would love to know wich 3 of the recommended restaurants you would especialy recommend and where it is beter to skip or to eat lunch/ a small snack.
thank you very very much.
ps: of course the restaurants arent that expensive because i am a student. if i made a mistake and have chosen an expensive restaurant please let me know!

the restaurants are:

Cantina do Mori ( better for a snack ? )
Trattoria dalla Marisa
Osteria da Alberto
Il Faro
Trattoria Ca’d’Or
La Cantina
Osteria da Carla
Alla Strega ( better for a snack ? )
Trattoria dai Tosi
Osteria/Enoteca San Barnaba
Trattoria Storica

thank you very much!

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  1. i think i will go to
    la zucca and da alberto. but what to do on the third day?

    1. Both A La Zucca(no seafood) and da Alberto are good and moderately priced.
      None of the places on your list is expensive.
      Cantina do Mori, excellent cichetti and wine only, stand up and open until early evening.
      Antico Dolo is also more of a wine bar but open through the evening and have some typical Venetian dishes. I would go just for the wine, cichetti and atmosphere.
      Trattoria dalla Marisa and Osteria San Barnaba are both solid and fairly priced but from my couple of visits (not recently), nothing very special.
      Trattoria dai Tosi has very good pizzas (as good as any in Venice). Never been there on the weekends where they serve other dishes.
      Have not been to the others on your list.

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      1. re: PBSF

        well thank you very much, thats a great information.
        do you hhave a certain inexpensive recommendation for my third night in venice? my flight is going tomorrow orning at 7 and i would be so thanful if anybody has an advice.
        otherwise i have to decide for myself.

        1. re: PBSF

          for alla Zucca, you should make a reservation - its very popular at night.
          its not particularly cheap, but since it does not have fish on the menu (fish is the thing that can get really expensive in VeniceZ) its not in a pricy range.

          Osteria San Barnaba is mainly a wine bar with some dishes and good priced wines from up in the mountain areas-When we had lunch there (we havent visited for dinner) I had a great dish of liver and my husband's dish - I cant remember whether it was kid or salt cod (sorry) was also excellent, but they also serve other items in the bar area. Dalla Marisa is known for its meat dishes, though they have a fish menu too - very tiny. very local, out in a quiet area at the end of the Cannareggio canal.

          Im a recommender of dai Tosi, but you should be ready to warm up for your meal with a walk (or a boat ride) since its out in the eastern residential part of Castello, past the Bienniale site.(if you take the Vaporetto, thats the nearest stop for Dai Tosi)

          1. re: jen kalb

            thank you for the tip, dai tosi is really quite a way.
            im not quite shure if i should try dalla marisa since i go to zucca.
            hm, thats such a though decision.
            thanks the both of you

            1. re: philie

              I think (havent actually been to Dalla marisa tho i have walked by) that they are totally different. Dalla Marisa originated with very traditional dishes from a butcher's family - its a very casual small neighborhood restaurant, whereas La Zucca is oriented to interesting (rich) vegetable dishes and some meats/birds but sometimes with unusual for venice global touches - it has a comparatively suave atmosphere and clientele.

              I would recommend that you eat the venetian seafood at least some time in your visit. Anice Stellato is another nice, hip and moderately priced place that you might like.

            2. re: jen kalb


              what do you think is the cheaper way? dalla marisa or dai tosi, how expensive is it? i am a student so this is quite a point.

              1. re: philie

                dai tosi is primarly pizza with some seafood some of the time.
                that would be cheaper than a seafood place. Dalla Marisa is moderate for Venice, its still in Slowfood so it must still be relatively cheap
                someone who has been there recently should comment on the price or there is online info.

          2. As the above poster stated Alla Zucca is very popular and quite small, therefore reserve as soon as you can (located on a quaint canal and off the beautiful Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio). It is probably cheaper than just about any good sit down restaurant in Venice. Most antipasti and primi are around 8E and secondi are 15E or a little less. A large vegetable selection all around 6E. Just one comment: many dishes, especially the secondi and vegetables are more international then Venetian. From my memory, Trattoria d'alla Marisa would be more expensive for dinner than Alla Zucca.
            If one share an antipasta and each order a pizza and a glass of wine at dai Tosi, it shouldn't be much more than 30E for two. If you have to take the vaporetto rather than walk (a long long stroll from San Marco), it will make it expensive for pizza. I think a vaporetto ride for visitor is 6.5E. Please check on this since I have a Carte de Venezia and my memory is failing me.
            You might consider Bancogiro on the loggia of the Rialto vegetable market. The downstair is a wine bar with good simple dishes and upstair a full restaurant where the secondi are around 20E. It is lively late into the night (rare in Venice) and right on the Grand Canal. Good food and lots of people watching.

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            1. re: PBSF

              thank you for the info. so im not quite shure. i thougt that i would go and eat pizza for lunch at alla strega. i thing its as you said PBSF, dai tosi is too expensive for just a pizza because of the way. i will have a look at Bancogiro because its really near and decide tomorrow when i see it.
              thanks both of you very much! i hope i will enjoy my stay!

              1. re: philie

                You're welcome. To keep the cost down, I would eat some pizza, cichetti, split courses if you are traveling with another person or order a single course and save for one good seafood meal. The coffee is good and cheap(standup) and so are the gelato. Enjoy your trip; Venice is a magical place.

                1. re: PBSF

                  i definitely will. i stay at casa gottari, a tip from one user, and it looks lovely so i hope me nad my girlfriend will enjoy venice.
                  lunch will be cheap ( pizza etc, as you mentioned ) and we will enjoy dinner.
                  i am looking forward for a great time.
                  thank you

            2. We just spent 3 nights in Venice too and we ate five times a day. :) Only the place we tried on your list was Albert for lunch and we loved it; nothing pretentious, just good old-fashioned Venetian food. The grilled sea bass was perfect. Our B & B was pretty close to La Zucca so we passed by it often. It did look very crowded.

              Have a great trip!

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              1. re: kikisakura

                i hope yu mean da alberto. i have made a reservation for tonight at la zucca and tomorrow at da alberto. today i will check out the other restaurants and enjoy venice in a few hours.
                wow, i am exited!

                1. re: philie

                  yes i did mean da alberto. i'm excited that you're excited! we're going back to venice in march and i'll definitely go back to alberto for more lunch (we like our dinner to be a bit more formal while in venice).

                  1. re: kikisakura

                    i am bck from venice and just wanted to tell you that

                    da alberto
                    la zucca
                    and san barnaba were great choices.
                    we had dinner there and enjoyed it very!
                    we also had lunch at alla strega twice, great pizza!
                    thank you ver much for your help!