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Oct 6, 2008 11:02 PM

Anyone Seen Sour Oranges Lately?

Gonna try to make a mojo, but need to find some sour oranges. There is a thread from February where someone was looking for them. Anyone seen any lately, or have any current suggestions about where to look? Just tried Super King and they had neither the fresh nor the bottled.

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  1. I can find the bottled at most of the smaller mexican grocers. El Camaguey on Venice , for one, has it. The thing is though, it's totally gross. It's just not even worth it. You're better off using mexican limes, lemons, and regular oranges to try to get as close as possible. You won't get the bitter notes that the Seville has but it's better than that Tang in a bottle they sell. The difference between Minute Maid concentrate and fresh squeezed orange juice is similar to what we're talking about here. Better to have the citrus and freshness and lose the bitter character than to have a flabby tasting mojo, I say.

    Unfortunately, I haven't seen Sevilles sold in any markets. You might try Chichen Itza. They do a Cochinita Pibil that's great and they supposedly source them locally from someone's backyard (although I'm foggy on the details).