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Oct 6, 2008 10:44 PM

chopping block returns

I know this is a 'food media' topic, but as the show's only screened in australia, I'll start it here.

the second season of the chopping block airs next tuesday on the nine network. matt moran's back, I've heard catriona rowntree's gone (just as well, she wasn't bringing anything to the show, imho) and the critic is alan saunders.

they haven't updated the website as yet, you can still see highlights from last year:

will be interesting to see if they choose any riskier targets this season. I felt most of last season's victi... er, contestants were fish in a barrel - old school ethnic patriarchs holding on to previous generations or young party dweebs, more interested in the post-shift piss-up than their customers.


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  1. glad catriona has gone. she annoys the bejesus out of me.
    i only saw one episode. funnily enough the young know-all wanna be didn't think matt had taught him anythng and it out another chef i know had the same trouble with him. You can briing a horse to water...

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    1. re: kmh

      amazing, innit? like 'kitchen nightmares', these folks ask for help and get shirty when it's offered. especially from someone like matt moran.

      one ep from last year had a great/startling scene where upon matt walking out of the kitchen, the owner told the chef, "ignore what he says, he's a showman". I was very surprised that matt didn't walk out - or punch the dude.

      1. re: fooftales

        I've loved matt since paddington inn.

          1. re: fooftales

            season 2, ep 1: they've tightened up the pace a lot, a few subtle changes but nice to see more input from matt with the contestants.

            alan was much kinder in his initial reviews than last year's secret critic - and a hell of a lot more generous than g. ramsay is during kitchen nightmares.

            overall, the vive was more positive and supportive, and both chefs seemed to want to take the advice and improve.

            but does that make for good tv? the reason kitchen nightmares is so popular is most likely the train-wreck factor.

            if they take that out of the chopping block, will anyone tune in?