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Oct 6, 2008 08:04 PM

am I the only one? where is the glamour?

ok so we just got back form house hunting in Sf and Palo Alto this past weekend.. Went to Ame for our anniversary on Sat night.. I couldn't get into the others that I wanted at went with this.. I was excited.. a one star michelin..ok so now Ive learned to read the fine print.. They had that two years ago..

The dinner was fine.. but for $250.00 I have had so much better and such better service.. the service was not bad ,but our waitress was so un- professional..from her outfit . to the way she described things..dinner was just nothing to rave about at all.. i was expecting more.. ok...

We had stayed at the St FRancis.. has that gone downhill!! We also had drinks at the Fairmont.. Does not anyone get dressed up anymore? We were having cocktails all dressed up next to people in t shirts.. A couple even came into Ame in t shirts .. then left.. Do they not read the menu outside??

I was disappointed.. It was out anniversary.. We were in SF... granted I had tried to get into Gary Danko and the St Regis .. but I even saw under dressed people(IMHO) going into Michael Minas.. ..oh well...bummer

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  1. What did you have to eat? How was the server dressed? What did her description lack? Regarding dress, around Union Square it IS quite touristy so you'll see everything in the way of dress. And SF is just more laid back than some places. Laid back doesn't mean t-shirts at a nice restaurant however. How has the St. Francis gone downhill? Where did you have cocktails at the Fairmont? Again, Nob HIll is also very touristy so.... But remind yourself that if you're moving to SF, you won't be spending much time in those areas :) Sorry you had such a bad time.

    1. In general, society has relaxed dress codes. Presidential candidates often don't even wear ties or jackets (or both) in public situations. Except for a few occupations, not many wear a suit and/or tie on a daily basis much less get dressed up when dining.

      That said, yes SF is more casual then other places but I don't think it's that much more casual then the rest of California. I mean have you been to LA where people wear shorts in nice places? (to be fair, people often dress nicer at places but in a casual way)

      As for unprofessional wait staff, that's a tough one. I prefer more casual service, even at big buck places...but that's me. If you want old fashion, close to the formal French service model, I think you have to pick places that still do that. So-called "modern" places don't do so much any longer for several reasons from staff turn-over to many people find it overbearing and not very comfortable.

      There are places that still do the full French type service model -- French Laundry, Masa's, Dining Room at Ritz, Michael Mina, etc. . Perhaps others can add to that.

      1. Sorry to hear.

        There are other places you can hunt for on the board that will give you a better run for your money. Just search and you'll find.

        Good luck!

        1. Yes I didnt mean to say that its SF.. I have traveled around and in general I find this trend.. And thank you ML800 for clarifying the Dining Room at the Ritz.. I was thinking it was the St Regis.. and was confused when we were there,as the St Regis was so trendy and the photo for The Ritz was so different.

          I had the flatiron steak,which was perfectly fine.. just nothing to rave about.. It did come with sweetbreads on top which I asked if they could substitute something for.. That was where the server was confused and so finally I just said well leave them off.Perhaps it was the sweetbreads that completed the taste.. She did come back and offer cauliflower which was fine..
          the outfit was slacks and a shirt ..the low sloppy slacks and shirt that was just not tidy..and a tie.. not really tied.. that look..she was very nice.. just wasnt what I was expecting..

          Well at the St Francis as we were walking out the door there was a girl sitting with her legs up on the furniture with 2 small cases(12 pack) of beer on the tbale... that was a look.

          The hotel otherwise was fine.. the staff etc.. housekeeping ok..but I wouldnt stay there again. So touristy.. and yes I was a tourist..but its too casual..for me..

          Fairmont we had cocktails inside ..sort of a rotunda room.. was there somewhere else?

          I wouldn't say it was a bad time at all.. Just not what I was anticipating.. We are thinking of the move and will be excited to try all the new foodie spots..

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            I don't have cocktails or really do anything on Nob Hill but, if I were going to the Fairmont, I'd have a drink in the Tonga Room. Here's the link:
            It's a real experience :


            I think if you move up you'll discover all the neighborhoods and will rarely be around Un. Sq. etc.

            I saw your other comment re PA vs. SF. I don't know about the peninsula but I would think the logistics of a family in SF would be MUCH easier. Some kids can walk or ride their bikes to school, everything's close together (only 49 sq. mi.). And I think the experience of growing up in a real live city versus the 'burbs would be a grand thing indeed. But that's off topic so I'll just say you and your family would sure get lots of good cheap eats in the city :)

          2. Nope you are not alone. A couple of years ago I went to La Toque in Napa for my birthday, and right next to us was a woman with jeans and a 'kitty' T-shirt. One of those T-shirts with kittens dressed up as cowboys.. I was dissappointed and did not return. (dinner was so-so as well.