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Oct 6, 2008 07:52 PM

First Date in East Village

Can anybody recommend someplace decent in the east village for a first date. Someplace more interesting and fun than romantic. Price: roughly $50 per person all included. Any cuisine. Reservations would be nice but not necessary as long as we can wait at the/a bar.


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  1. I like going on dates at Caracas. It's really chill atmosphere, affordable, and tasty. Weeknights waits are no problem, at most 15 minutes. The take-out restaurant and the -restaurant- are next to each other, go with the restaurant of course. Also, eat the arepas (Venezuelan). They're tasty Crispy-Crepe Pitas with your choice of well-made/healthy fillings. It's good to bring a first-date to a place that involves a learning experience, as you
    both are learning about yourselves. =)

    cheers and good luck

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    1. re: silencespeak

      PYLOS 128 East 7th Street (between Avenue A and First Avenue)

    2. i think perbacco is a good date spot. small delicious shareable italian dishes. a great wine selection. cozy, with fantastic warm lighting. but still enough groups and other people around to not feel like you are trying toooo hard.

      1. Cafe Orlin is always a fun, laid back and cheap place for a bite, it's on St. Marks and 2nd ave.

        1. Hands down...The Orchard. Great food, great atmosphere, perfect spot

          Try the flat breads, they are to die for and perfect to share. And if the date goes well, you can go next door to Stanton Social for more cocktails!

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            No shot you can get out of The Orchard for $50 per person all included. I love this place but the price point is not right for PSAWCE.
            Avenue A sushi is a fun atmosphere and you can get drunk on Saki, that always makes the date more fun.
            Il Baggatto between B&C has great food, the right price and a nice atmosphere as well.

          2. Bourgeois Pig on 7th Street is excellent. Fun, small atmosphere, mostly fondue and cheese plate type stuff to eat and on Tuesdays it's half-price bottles of wine.