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Oct 6, 2008 07:34 PM

The Stonewell in Conshohocken??

I drive past the Stonewell all the time and would like to give it a try but I thought I'd see if the Hounds would care to weigh in first. What is the menu like and what is the general price range? Many thanks!

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  1. Pretty good. Stonewell has been there for many years and has been consistently good throughout. Its a BYO with a modest sized menu...Korean / Japanese..and Sushi bar. Bibim Bap, Bokkum's that sort..they will vary degree of spice to your liking. I actually think their sushi is quite good. Better than most in the area.
    A friendly staff, dated decor, minimal (almost nil) crowd most days make it an easygoing stop. (dont let the no crowd scare you..they do a more than ample lunch and take out crowd...)

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      i have not been in over 2 years, but when i was last there they had removed the korean dishes from the menu which was sad, because they were so good! and we already had some passable japanese/sushi places in the area. out for that creepy "spa" out back!! :)

      1. re: rabidog

        were just there perhaps a month ago..still korean on menu. coincidentally, was to August Moon not too long ago too. A more robust menu at A.M.and a bar.. but Stonewell tops it. IMO.

    2. GBak504 is right iin target. My son and I takeout food all of the time. Great quality and reasonable.