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Oct 6, 2008 07:00 PM

Private Raw Bar?

Hello Chowhounds! I am turning to everyone for help in the hopes that Chow can get me some answers!

Does anyone know of a company, restaurant or catering company that will set-up a raw bar for private events? Has anyone done something similar? If not, any advice as to how to go about it?

Thank you!

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  1. Baltimore, DC or somewhere else?
    Call the manager at the Annapolis branch of Annapolis Seafood, Market or Faidley's. Both of them can set you up depending on the size of your group. The former will do smaller groups than the latter. Not sure how far they'll travel.

    1. National Oyster Shuckers website quote:

      {At the annual National Oyster Shucking Competition in St. Mary's County, the fastest shuckers from the East and West coasts show up to test their skills. George Hastings of Nick's Inner Harbor Seafood at Cross Street Market has won the title twice for Maryland. "We house a number of oyster shuckers who compete," says Nick's manager and chef Paul Bartlett. "George can shuck about a dozen oysters a minute." Despite his accolades, Hastings can still be seen shucking oysters at Nick's during weekend and game-day rushes.}

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        DC, Northern-ish Virginia area! I was thinking maybe I could hire a couple of shuckers and provide the oysters myself, but I wasn't sure if this was something that could be done. Which is why I asked whether there were any companies that did it for you! I googled this, and the only hits I'm getting are for companies up north in Maine, etc.

        Thanks! Any advice is greatly appreciated!

      2. I went to a wedding at the Willard where they had a raw bar. It was INCREDIBLE! They had lobster, crab claws, oysters, clams. There was a guy shucking the oysters for you so everything was super fresh. I ate so much seafood that I barely had room for the crab cake main course. They also had a table serving sushi which was a nice combo. I know they do private events (at quite a cost I imagine) so you might want to look to see if they you can get a private room or maybe rent out their bar and have a raw bar catered.

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        1. Call Bernie Tippett. His guys are old school shuckers.

          Or try Rappahannock Oysters. They are in the DC/VA area.