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Oct 6, 2008 06:34 PM

Cambridge One (Harv Sq)--downhill?

I've been happily eating pizza at Cambridge One since they opened. When I lived in Cambridge I used to go at least twice a month. Now that I've moved westward I only go a few times a year. They've stuck, admirably or frustratingly, to essentially the same menu and beer/wine list all these years, but they've done what they do well.

I was there last night, however, and was really disappointed. The pizza crusts, instead of being light, oven-burnished, oil-kissed, and deliciously salty, were underbaked, underseasoned, and doughy. There were big chips of raw red onion on my mashed potato pizza. And the pizzas were only warm, not hot, when they came to the table.

Tragedy! I love the warm feeling of the room at C1, and I love the view over the cemetery, especially on a fall afternoon. I like their small-but-carefully-chosen wine list. I even like those baked cheese stalactites they offer at the bar.

Was it just an off night, or is the 'za not good any more?

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  1. I've been feeling equally lukewarm towards Cambridge 1. It used to be one of our weekend afternoon go-tos as a light snack in between errands and sports watching, but I have lately grown weary of the flavorless pizza. We've been mixing it up and checking out the Fenway locale, which has changed up the taps - the beer and wine are both as fresh and lovely as always - but food-wise, I've been just flat-out bored. Haven't been back in several months.

    Our favorites used to be the potato/ricotta and tomato/basil.

    In the meantime, I look forward to the old Greenhouse space and continue to enjoy the rest of the franchise (Audubon Circle and Miracle...did anyone make it to the recent Oktoberfest beer tasting at Middlesex? We had to cancel. Booo.). Sometimes, such stead-fast adherence to one's brand is NOT a good thing.

    1. It's only October - you need to give the new crop of grad students a chance to learn! ;-)

      Honestly, it sounds unusual - they opened a second branch near Fenway - maybe the management has been focused too much on the new spot.

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        Except I thought the Fenway spot wasn't as good. And that's been open long enough to have both locations up to speed. I actually wonder how Fenway does cuz it seems pretty quiet in there most of the time, even game nites.

        1. re: Joanie

          Joanie, I've been to both spots several times (mostly the Fenway location lately) and they're pretty much the same food wise. Service is a little better at the new spot IMO. I'm not sure why it's not busier during the games...perhaps the fans would rather go with more traditional game fare than fancy pizza and wine? I haven't had any bad experiences like the ones the OP mentions at either spot.