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Oct 6, 2008 05:45 PM

visiting sf from toronto - where to eat?

My boyfriend and I will be in SF for a few days, and would like to splash out on a special meal. He's a chef, and I love food. I love fish and seafood, but don't eat meat, however not into 'vegetarian' resto's....ideally, we'd like a warm atmosphere that features local/seasonal food, or perhaps a resto with a 'european' (french, spanish, italian) bent.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i've never been but have always heard that Boulevard is great!

      1. re: lasiciliana

        Great for some not for others, I just think it is too busy to be romantic and too expensive for what they serve. Others love it beyond reproach. I respect that opinion but personnaly I prefer the little guys

      2. Thanks so much for your suggestions. I'd like to do all 4, and hopefully we can! We're staying in the Noe Valley, but we are willing to go anywhere.
        From epicurious, I found Spruce and Quince - any opinions on either?
        Again thanks for this, i will look into them all-

        1. re: juliebn

          If you are in Noe Valley, then you might want to consider Firefly. It's a highly-reviewed neighborhood restaurant that fits your criteria.

          1. re: juliebn

            La Ciccia usually has a couple of nice fish dishes and is located in Noe Valley:

            It small and fairly casual -- more so than romantic.

        2. I'd go to Taqueria Cancun. Get the veggie burrito. Have the BF get the al pastor. You will not be sorry.