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Oct 6, 2008 05:00 PM

Fedex Field Redskins anything to eat?

Been there in the past. Never did find any hidden gems to eat. Is there something that we're missing or is Fedex Field really a chow wasteland? We will be going to the Browns game, with upper level seats.

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  1. One word: tailgate.
    Up there you'll be getting such offerings as Dan Snyder's $6 cups of water (ice included, since he's so generous).

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    1. re: crackers

      LOL! MIL is in town that day and we're going out for dim sum before and then Ray's burgers after. I guess I'll just stick to drinking some of Dan's $10 beers at the stadium.

    2. Agree -- tailgate is the only way to go. There is nothing within 15 minutes of the stadium that is exceptional.

      1. Not hidden gems but how about Jerry's Seafood on Lanham-Severn Rd (564) in Lanham or Negril on Central Ave (214) in Mitchellville? Oops, I see Negil is closed on Sundays, and Jerry's Sunday hours are only 1-5.

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        1. re: tfbrennan

          I was going to suggest Jerry's Seafood as well - didn't realize the hours though. They make the BEST crabcakes and I'm thrilled to see that they've expanded to Bowie and Annapolis. Love the cream of crab soup too. The touch of curry powder makes all the difference.

          1. re: jcwexler

            How about swinging by Largo for some Chicken & Waffles. They open 10am on Sunday.


        2. okay, given there's not many options, what are the best bets INSIDE the field?

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          1. re: DC_Convert

            Nothing is very good and it is all expensive. That's why everyone is suggesting that you tailgate and bring your own food. If you absolutely have to eat there I would go with the grilled sausage with onion and green peppers. Avoid the pizza and nachos.

            1. re: DC_Convert

              The best food vendors I have seen are actually on the Club Level. There is a relatively expansive food court (for a stadium) that has everything from BBQ to a gourmet sausage stand, etc. If you end up going to another game, I would definitely recommend trying to spring for the Club Level seats given that the level is open 2 hours before AND after games for your eating and drinking enjoyment!

            2. The problem with eating near the stadium is there's so much traffic before and after games, any place woth going will take forever to get to. Tailgating is cheaper, you can cook and eat what you want, and after the game, you can continue tailgating while the traffic dies down. That is, you can if Snyder still allows it. I haven't been to a game since the late 90s.

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              1. re: 4X4

                Get a couple of buckets of KFC to go, get to the parking lot early, and pig out.