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Oct 6, 2008 04:58 PM

Aussie/New Zealand style espresso?

I heard that there was a coffee shop in Silverlake serving espresso the South Pacific way -- Flat Whites and such. Anyone know of such a place?

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  1. Sounds like you might be looking for Intelligentsia.
    Undoubtedly, the best coffee in LA.

    1. I know I'll get slack for this, but its just a Latte, if the barista is making it right. Not a Starbucks/Coffee bean latte, but a real latte. I work for Illy coffee (trained in Italy) and this is what they taught us. Also, Many Aussies have come into our shop and told us we make a perfect flat white, even though we are just making a latte.

      Also, in case you care. A long black is what we call an Americano.

      Ok let me have it

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      1. re: huskyla27

        Perhaps it's Intelligentsia.... and perhaps you're right, huskyla27, but I was given to understand that they use a different sort of espresso machine in Australia and NZ....?

      2. intelligentsia's west coast roaster is an aussi. i'm sure several of their baristas will be more than happy to talk to you about espresso down under

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        1. re: arkestra

          All of their roaster are German, in fact:, and their machine is made in Seattle.

          The silverlake store says that there is no such thing as a particularly Australian-style espresso machine or a particularly Australian-style way of pulling a shot, only better and worse ways. They use double-extraction ristretto shots, which is apparently the superior way to pull shots and used more often in places where people take their coffee seriously.

          So, something new to be snooty about!

          1. re: maraya

            when i said "west coast roaster," i was referring to a human being, not a machine. the west coast roaster is, in fact, from australia.

        2. Ugh, I just got back from Oz and the En Zed and I gotta say that one of the first things I craved when I got back was a proper cup of coffee. Flat whites are just lattes with less foam, and long blacks are just Americanos.