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Oct 6, 2008 04:54 PM

Sadly no more Mixt Greens for me!

Okay, I think this is it for me going to Mixt Greens. I just got back from Mixt Greens with a Caesar Salad w/Chicken (or should I say half of a salad) which the Salad Chef proceeded to make out of the dregs of the romaine lettuce left over in two baskets! And this after asking me FOUR times during the course of preparation what I wanted. Shouldn't he have asked me if I wanted a different type of lettuce?!! I guess I should have complained, as I did last year, after getting another 1/2 salad for close to $10.00 but just did not feel up to it today. Last year the management reimbursed me and told me that they were working on consistency in terms of quantity. However, my experience at Mixt Greens is that it really depends on your Chef in terms of quantity and quality, and that should not be the case. I generally love the salad there but I never know what I am going to get these days! The management really needs to work on getting their workers to be consistent in terms of quantity and quality!

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  1. I too have noticed that they are using less of a lettuce base in their salads, which often results in getting a container that appears half full/half empty. I often will ask my "chef" to pull the greens from a specific bin (i.e. one that appears to have fresher greens) in order to avoid the disspointment factor later when I sit down to eat. My other pet peave about their servings is that I never seem to get enough garbanzo beans. Probably because it's hard to get very many with those tongs they use...oh well. Second your comment about the grumpy "chefs".

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      Yes -- the few times I think "fine, it's just downstairs from my office, I'll go there" I am amazed at the high prices and at how my scoop of cherry tomatoes only has three tomatoes. It's the only game in the northern FiDi area, though.

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        Have you tried Seller's Market on Second & Market? Also, Sentinel usually does one or two salads every day.

    2. Yes it's true that depending on who does your salad, either you'll have one that fills the container or you'll have a half empty container. I stopped going to Mixt Greens because I cannot justify the $10 price tag for salad. I can make my own caesar with a $4 bag of organic romaine from Safeway.

      1. I've always been happy with the amount of and mix of ingredients in my salads here; my problem is that no matter how light you ask them to go on the dressing, they drown it. Seemingly you have to ask for NO dressing in order to walk out with something that isn't wet and limp. Last time I asked for light dressing (drowned), this time I asked for no dressing at first, and then amended to "one squirt" of dressing. Somehow I still ended up with a wet, soggy salad. I'm all for their fair wages and ecofriendly practices but I'm not gonna buy their slimy salads anymore. Sorry Mixt Greens. (FWIW, I go to the location on Mission between 1st and 2nd)

        Mixt Greens
        114 Sansome St Ste 120, San Francisco, CA 94104

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          I've asked for dressing on the side -- they have little plastic containers .

          Also (this to the OP) they've never objected when I've asked at the end for some more greens to be added.

          I'm still a fan.

        2. is this some sort of fast food chain?