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Where to buy a good chicken pot pie?

I have been craving a chicken pot pie. Any suggestions for a GOOD pre-made pie? It is just for me so I want an individual serving (mini pie.) Thanks!

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  1. Ever tried Boston Market or Chicken Out Rotisserie pies?

    1. What is your location?

      We had the BEST chicken pot pie from the Pennsylvania Dutch Market on York Road in Cockeysville.

      They were $5.25 for the small one.

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        Hi ronadaim- I am in Bethesda- wish I was near the Pennsylvania Dutch Market because it sounds great. Ericandblueboy- I will give BM & COR a try, and report back.
        Thanks! =) Still open for suggestions for other alternatives...

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          a chicken saltena from pike pizza or any another bolivian place is very similar to a chicken pot pie and is the perfect size for one.

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            If I had to pick between BM and COR, I'd go with COR.

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              Lucky for you, the best chicken pot pie in the area is in Bethesda, at Praline. See Tom S.'s review: http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-....

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                BONZ- Thanks so much for this tip! This restaurant seems fantastic. I will definately give a try. Cannot wait to try the chicken pot pie... among other things! And it is so closeby. Thanks again!

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                  Do please report back on your experience.

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              just curious.......usually "Pa Dutch style" Chicken Pot Pie is usally pieces of chicken in a creamy chicken gravy with thick square "pot pie style" noodles. Was this what you had at the Pa Dutch Market ? It's definitely different than the traditional chicken pot pie which is baked with vegetables in a pie crust. I happen to love both styles,,,,,,,akthough Boston Market and Chicken Out's versions are as good the frozen ones you can get at any grocery store,

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                Boston Market makes my favorite frozen pot pie. The fresh ones (at BM and COR) are just a bit better and I figure they'are pretty accessible.

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                  Is there a Boston Market in DC? Is it metro accessible? I'm from Boston and really like Boston Market (as far as prepared/fast food goes). But for some reason I didn't think they had one in DC proper.

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                    I don't know of one in DC, but there's one at Courthouse in Arlington that's just half a block from the Metro.

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                      There are several Boston Markets in the area. That one (based on one and only one visit) in the Court House area is absolutely the worst one I've ever been in. I had a quarter chicken there that was a quarter-sized chicken, lukewarm, tough, no flavor. I commented about it to the counterman as I was dumping most of it into the trash and he just shrugged and said "OK."

                      I don't mind their chicken pot pies except for the chicken, but at least I get better service and hot food at the Boston Market in the Landmark Plaza (I think that's the name). But I've decided that when I'm in that area and looking for cheap food, a slice of pizza at Valentino's just across the parking lot from Boston Market is both better tasting and better for me.

                      So, in general, I give Boston Market's chicken pot pie a reserved PFFFFTTTT!

                    2. re: Elyssa

                      Boston Market #3229
                      Jefferson Drive SW
                      600 Indepencence Avenue
                      Washington, DC, DC 20560

                      I don't know if it's metro accessbile.

                      1. re: Ericandblueboy

                        That's in the Air & Space museum. I haven't been there recently. Apparently it's part of McDonalds food court at the museum.

                  2. re: MDicecreamguy

                    PA Dutch Market has traditional style with a crust. BTW, the crust was heavenly! I'm mad at myself for not having stopped there sooner. While I'm on the subject, we got lots of good stuff from there including a soft pretzel and some chips.

                    1. re: ronandaim

                      I've had their chicken pot pie, and mine was of their noodle variety, which I did not particularly enjoy. I did not see the one with crust offered, is this a new addition?

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                        This past weekend was the first time I was there, so I'm not sure if it is a new addition. They were in the case behind the counter that you see when you first walk in. FYI they are going to be closed on 10/11, so don't venture out this weekend.

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                    I was going to suggest the PA Dutch market in Burtonsville -- or Laurel, if they've already moved.

                  4. I know this is not an individual pot pie, but the one they make at Costco is excellent. Puts all of the grocery store ones to shame. It is huge however, so one person might be able to eat it for a week.

                      1. Chicken Out in various locations does a very good Pot Pie. Tasty pastry shell and some mashed potatoes inside the pie makes it a little different and quite tasty.

                        1. How has no one mentioned Dangerously Delicious Pies yet!!!!???

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                            I second your opinion. I was hoping a Dangerously Delicious Pies review would be buried in here... Anybody?

                          2. I like the ones they have at Whole Foods. Nice flaky crust, lots of veggies, creamy inside, not dry. Pretty good! They also have a decent seafood potpie (although I prefer chicken).

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                              Elyssa ~~ I'm not sure which WF you're referring to, but it worth repeating my recent experience at the Whole Foods in Clarendon.

                              I first bought two pies a couple of months ago and they were very good. One portion sized and well-made. On my next several trips they didn't have any and I kept asking but nobody knew. I finally got someone to look (this is taking place over several weeks) and no pies, 'try again next week on Friday' or some bs. I come back, no pies. I make enough noise that somebody gets off their ass and finds pies. Uncooked. No problem, I think I can handle that. The crust looked a little off but I didn't pay attention. Bought four pies, froze three and cooked one. It was terrible. There was something wrong with the crust, some ingredient must have been left out. The contents were no better.

                              Whoever was cooking pies that day had no clue what they were doing.

                            2. On Wednesdays, Taqueria Nacionale over by Johnny's Half Shell (by Union Station) has a Chicken Pot Pie special. Man it's one tasty pot pie and it's reasonably priced at 4.00, makes you want to buy two. They are small enough to where you might want to buy 2...

                              1. There's a really small lunch joint in the industrial section of Gude road that makes the best chicken pot pies called Soups On. They only have them certain days though, so give them a call before you go.

                                1. The Pennsylvania Dutch Market in Annapolis has a good pot pie as well.

                                  Cynthia's in Severna Park has a beautiful and hefty pot pie. The crust is oh so perfect.

                                  1. Wagshaws (sp?) on Mass Ave in Spring Valley.