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pumpkin baked goods?

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I'd kill for some good pumpkin cookies/muffins/bread right now -- any hot tips?

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  1. My friend and I shared an unbelievable pumpkin scone at Alice's Tea Cup yesterday. I was just telling her that I think I had a dream about it last night!

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    1. Sarabeth's does pumpkin muffins and pumpkin muffins and not just in the fall, but all year round,

      1. pumpkin cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting at Sugar Sweet Sunshine are delish--

        1. Reviving an old topic: Two Little Red Hens offers an amazing pumpkin scone, in addition to other pumpkin-y baked goods. (I found the pumpkin scone at Alice's Tea Cup to be a big disappointment.)

          1. Well, it's a chain but I love the pumpkin muffins at Pain Quotidien. Not too sweet but still pumpkin-y, with toasted seeds on top.

            1. Bouchon Bakery at the TIme Warner Center used to have pumpkin cream filled donuts on Saturdays, which were even more amazing than they sound. You probably should call to confirm when and if they are selling them.