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Oct 6, 2008 03:10 PM

Jolibee, the Filipino fried chicken chain about to open in Woodside (Roosevelt/63rd)

I wouldn't normally applaud the opening of a fast food chain, but this might be a good addition to Woodside. Or maybe I'm just feeling puckish about the prospect of having a convenient source of fried chicken nearby. This is the first store of this Filipino chain on the east coast. There seems to be some mixed reviews on the other local boards where Jolibee has its shops, but I'm sure it will please the local Filipinos for a taste of home.

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  1. We just walked past the soon-to-be-open shop yesterday and were excited by the storefront size photo of fried chicken. I hear you about the fast food thing, but hey, it is a fast food joint I have never heard of! And, considering the dearth of fried chicken in the nabe, when I do get a craving, which is only once every couple of months, I will give it a shot. Because the craving is a fierce as it is rare. Disappointed to hear that it hasn't gotten good reviews on other boards though. I do get a kick out of saying Jolibee though. :)

    1. In the Philippines at least Jolibee is the local rival to McDonalds. Same menu, same quality, etc. They don't seem to be anything special -- or at least not the "american" type food. I had some thoroughly adequate fries in Manila, but nothing worth mentioning. I asked my husband about the chicken and he said is was like KFC but without the spices. For ex-pats there's a lot of nostalgic appeal (my husband is thoroughly excited by this news), but I wouldn't expect too much. The filipino stuff might be worth trying, though.

      1. Thanks for the update! My brother was just asking me if they were open yet. I don't recall anything about their chicken, but I certainly remember the spaghetti.

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            check the website linked above..

          2. Jollibee in the Philippines always advertised on the basis of "ang lasang pinoy" (filipino taste). That is achieved via added sugar in the ground beef for burgers and in the spagetti sauce.