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Oct 6, 2008 02:42 PM

Blasi/Fat Belly Deli Dorchester

A couple of weeks ago we went to Blasi for dinner on a Friday night. Arrived at 7pm to a 30-minute wait (we noticed by 8pm there was no wait). We spent the 30-minute wait sitting on a bench staring at the deli counter at the attached Fat Belly Deli. Mmmm...delicious prosciutto, provolone, sopresatta, etc. So I was pretty surprised when we were seated that the dinner menu did not contain a single sandwich or deli product. Oh well.

The menu is primarily Italian...standard pastas, parms, etc. We both started with dinner salads and a side of ridiculously syrupy balsamic dressing. DC had the pasta special: pasta with squid which was buttery, rich and delicious. I had the bbq steak tips with mashed potatoes which were tasty. Far too much food to eat there, so we took generous portions home. Gordon Ramsey would be appalled. Of course it didn't help that we each ordered a chocolate chip cannoli for desert.

The atmosphere here is cozy and friendly. There is a fun bar and lots of tv screens showing the games. Prices are reasonable.

762 Adams Street
(Adams Village)

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  1. They serve all their cold sandwiches until like 6:00 or so when they close the deli. They will serve tuna and chicken salad at any time upon request.

    Their sandwiches are really, really good, espcially for the price.

    I wish they would change up their dinner menu some, as it's been the same since they opened. Their specials are always good, though a bit overpriced, IMO.

    Great neighborhood spot. They have really fun trivia on Tuesday nights.

    1. Their Team Trivia time has changed to 8pm on Tuesdays