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Oct 6, 2008 02:33 PM

Christmas Eve and Day dinner/lunch in Sydney?

Any recommendations for Xmas eve dinner, Xmas day lunch or dinner in Sydney? We're staying in the central downtown area and are a party of 4. Budget for dinner $150/per person and lunch maybe $50-75. Trying to stay away from hotel buffets unless they are outstanding in service and food. Thanks!

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  1. Many restaurants will open for Christmas lunch - so don't worry about the buffet.

    Choose one near a beach and where you can get some fresh air. A number of years ago we went to "Bathers Pavilion" and had a really great lunch in a very relaxed holiday atmosphere. I think Bathers has slipped a bit since then, but maybe worth checking out (the restaurant not the cafe). For dinner take your pick of any glamorous CBD restaurant, as Christmas Eve is on Wednesday the city will be busy.

    One tip. Why not go for a better, more expensive, lunch and cut back on the dinner? It may be better to choose a high quality place to linger over a long relaxed lunch (that is what 90% of the population will be doing) and simply have a night on the town with a mid priced meal the night before.

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      Liz, agree with Phil on your budget. In Australia Christmas day lunch is generally the big thing. In the city it will be mostly post work drinks and celebrating the start of summer holidays. I'd reverse my budget if I were you and splash out on a long leisurely lunch. For that money you'll be able to get a lovely lunch somewhere.
      Phil is right also on picking somewhere a bit waterfront or at least with some indoor/outdoor setting. (although you don't want to be outdoors all day or you'll get wet (it often rains on christmas day) or burnt (if it's not raining).