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Oct 6, 2008 02:29 PM

From Montreal to NYC

We are 4 foodies from montreal and we would like to have some suggestions for our trip to NYC in November.... (4 days and 3 nights)

For lunch, we were looking at Katz's an Pearl oyster bar (For the lobster roll)...
For dinner, Pastis and Babbo....
For Brunch, Balthazar....

Maybe a bit cliche and that's why we need more ideas


PS: Money is no object, but not an obligation...

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  1. Pearl Oyster Bar is an old favorite of mine, though we usually arrive just before 6pm to get two seats at the counter - any later and you may have to wait a bit. They are not open on the weekends for lunch, but I've discovered that Mary's Fish Camp's lobster roll is *almost* as good, albeit quite a bit more expensive. I prefer the ambiance at POB though. I've always had good meals and service at Balthazar, and prefer it to Pastis. I wouldn't go to both. I've yet to make it to Babbo, despite several reservations - if you can't get in there, or don't feel like being on speed dial for hours/going early for a table/seat in the bar area, I'd suggest trying Lupa. Katz's is fun, and I enjoyed my pastrami there, but since it's my one and only pastrami experience - and you may have great pastrami in Montreal - I can't say it's a must go.

    If you like sushi, I'd recommend Yasuda, or Gari for creative, but not quite as good, albeit very good, sushi.

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      Thanks! What do you think off WD-50?

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          If you're into molecular gastronomy, WD-50 is worth a visit. Other cities (e.g., Chicago) have lept ahead of NYC in this regard, but the Chef at WD-50 (Wylie Dufresne) is a pioneer in the field.

      1. Hi...welcome...i like Montreal a great deal and had wonderful food when i was there a few years are a few thoughts:

        -- sure, go to Katz's if you like pastrami...also i rec going a little bit west of there and getting some gaspe nova on a bagel from Russ&Daughters to go...(perfect thing to nosh on while walking around in the November chill)...

        -- for oysters, i'd rec going to Grand Central Oyster Bar, sitting at the oyster bar/counter and ordering *only* raw oysters, maybe fried oysters, salad or soup, and beer/wine...more classic and more oyster options than either Mary's/Pearl...

        -- for lobster roll and NYC seafood, i highly highly recommend going to Tides on the Lower East Side...cute jewel box of a restaurant w/ a great kitchen and simply awesome seafood...

        -- i agree that going to both Pastis and Balthazar is redundant...but i'll add that i somewhat dislike Pastis and i love Balthazar...but, i mainly go to Balthazar for late afternoon oysters&salads&wine or late at night...and, as much as i love it here, it's nowhere near as good as some of the bistros you have in, you might want to try more Italian than French while in NYC...

        -- i am a Batali-hater...i loathe the snotty attitude that pervades his restaurants, the oversalting, the inconsistency, etc...i've had sublime dishes at Babbo (the pancetta-wrapped roasted porcini) and dishes i've sent back as inedibly awful (candy-like beet salad)...i won't got to his restaurants anymore at all, with exception of Casa Mono, which is a cute quasi-Spanish place that you might enjoy...

        -- there are tons of better Italian options than the Batali places in NYC...Il Giglio for old-school elegant NYC Italian...Cacio e Vino for moderately priced and charming Sicilian food in the East some newer choices i've yet to hit: Scarpetta, Convivio, etc...

        -- if you like Japanese food, consider Aburiya Kinnosuke (upscale izakaya food and a interesting choice for things you may not be able to get in Montreal), Sushi Yasuda, Ushi Wakamaru (also great sushi, downtown), or maybe some soba at Soba Koh or Soba-ya, or ramen at Ippudo...

        -- Sichuan food at either one of the Grand Sichuan's (either 9th Ave or St.Marks) or Szechuan Gourmet on 39th St....

        Have a great trip and report back on how it goes!

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          I personally love Babbo and Lupa, but some nice non-Batali alternatives for Italian would be Apizz or Peasant. I also second the Szechuan Gourmet rec.

        2. I read your post and immediately thought of Toque! in Montreal...ha ha..I know you are coming to NYC, but I just had to post that.

          Babbo is great, you won't be disappointed. MMRuth is right, do'nt go to both Patis and Bathazaar...I would just do Pastis, I like that so much better.

          If you want a great lobster roll, go into the village to Mary's Fish Camp. DELISH!

          I really have had some great lunches at Bar Boulud. Some may disagree, but I am very partial to all of Daniel Boulud's restaurants.

          For Greek, my new fav is Anthos. I know you have Milos in Montreal and so many other great Greek restos, but I thought I would throw this one in.

          I really enjoy for dinner Eleven Madison Park. Superb!

          I forgot to add, I also like Landmarc in Tribeca for lunch/brunch


          Have a wonderful trip!!

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            Just out of curiosity - why do you prefer Pastis to Balthazar (wondering since my preference is Balthazar)? Thanks!

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              Maybe because I had pretty bad service at Bathazaar on two occasions, and this is probably silly, but I also tend to care for the Meatpacking District. Sometimes I feel as though Balthazaar is too touristy (I know so is Pastis) but, I suppose I feel Pastis has that "'je na se quoi" for me anyway.....

              Certain places I either feel something towards, or others I want to run like hell from it! ha ha!! Thanks for asking though! What about you, MMRuth, why do you prefer one over the other? Thanks! :)

              1. re: Angelina

                I've only been to Pastis once, but thought the food was a little better, and worth the extra price, at Balthazar, and I prefer the room at Balthazar. I think we've been very lucky, because we've always had good service there.

          2. Oh! Chez L'Epicier in Montreal is one of my favorite restaurants!

            I don't see any suggestions for restaurants uptown, but if you don't mind heading that way, I love Dovetail (Upper West Side) and also Sfoglia (Upper East Side). Both would be dinner options. You won't have a downtown vibe at either place, but the food is great and downtown is just a cab ride away :-)

            1. Thanks to all of you!!!!! I have another question tough.... If you had to go only at one restaurant, wich one would it be?

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                (I know I only mentioned Bar Boulud, but I love Daniel, too!


                Also, i have had fabulous meals at Le Grenouille


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                  I am also from Montreal and go to New York a couple of times a year and the bar room at the Modern in the MOMA was my best meal in NY this summer. I just loved my dinner there. The decor of the restaurant is incredible, the service is attentive and the food is incredible! Everyone should go there at least once.

                  As for the list you gave us, I should say that I had lunch at Pastis and did not like my experience one bit. The food was okay, but the service was atrocious! The waiter ignored us and we waited almost an hour for our food.

                  I had an excellent lobster roll at Ed's on Lafayette. It is a cool restaurant with excellent service, at least it was a year ago.

                  As for Montreal, you should try Graziella on Mcgill. I posted a review 2 weeks ago. The food there is incredible.Hope you have a nice stay in NY!!