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Special Occasion, but low key

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Looking for a place to go for our first anniversary (tomorrow). We've already done a big celebration at ILW, so we don't want to break the bank. We do want something with great food, but it doesn't have to be a "special occasion" place. In fact, we'd probably prefer it isn't...just something that's nice and comfortable.


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  1. Forgot to mention, we're new in town, so don't really know much of what's out there...

    1. On a Tuesday night, most places will be pretty low key. Are you looking in any particular neighborhood or a type of cuisine?

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        I'm really pretty open on this one. We live in Cleveland Park and have done a lot of the restaurants there, so maybe outside of that cocoon. We like restaurants that are original and use great ingredients. We're willing to try just about anything...

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            Now that's one I should have posted in the "What about that restaurant" thread. Have driven by for YEARS (was here a lot before I moved down), and never been.

            With that said, I think we actually want to go a step cheaper...and maybe we save Nora for another occasion.

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              How about Etrusco (also in Dupont)? Recently the new chef got a nice writeup in Wash Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/...

      2. How about Cork? Some small plates to share paired with some excellent wine - or champagne - (recommended by a knowledgeable staff). Can't miss the avocado bruschetta, brioche sandwich with prosciotto and fontina topped with an egg, or the duck confit. Nice and comfortable.

        Or, maybe one of the French brasseries in town? Bistrot du Coin (Dupont Circle) and Montmartre (Capitol Hill) are two of my favorites. French onion soup, escargot, steak or moules frites...

        Another thought is Marvin, on U Street - food is a mix between brasserie and comfort food. Also very nice and comfortable.

        Good luck, and congratulations!

        PS - we had our first anniversary at ILW also. Next time you go, stay at the Foster Harris House and indulge in their four course breakfast the next day (included in price). It was so good, we may have enjoyed more than ILW! ;)

        1. I would go to Bistro D'Oc. Romantic, low-key, with delicious french bistro cuisine. Try to get the table on the first floor near the window...it's my favorite spot in the restaurant.

          Other ideas would be Cashion's Eat Place, tapas at Taberna del Alberderno, Tabard Inn or Al Tiramisu.

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            Cashion's is a good suggestion. Little Fountain Cafe is another possibility.

          2. Another idea is PS7s. I've had some very delicious meals there lately and always have excellent service. I really like the atmosphere there too. It is definitely great food, and imo not breaking the bank,

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              I think PS7s is having a 1/2 price wine special on Mondays and Tuesdays, and their wine list is fairly priced to begin with.

              And it is not as fussy as a lot of downtown restaurants of its quality. We love it.

            2. I've been suggesting Bar Pilar a lot lately, but since you're going out on a Tuesday... it's especially fun, if you sit at the bar they have a special drinks menu every Tues. It's low key and comfortable for sure, not necessarily "romantic."

              I love Cashion's, but it's maybe out of the price range if Nora's is.

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                I've never been to Nora's but always thought it was a higher priced special occasion spot. Cashion's on the other hand I use to frequent quite regularly when I lived in AM and my bf and I usually got out of there under $100. Of course that depends on drinks/wine and how many courses you get. But usually for 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, 1 dessert and 2 glasses of wine our check would be around $100. Sometimes less.

              2. Kind of last minute, but if you want really low key maybe go for like Creme over on U St, or some ethnic hole in the wall? If you were willing to go to Northern Virginia Ravi Kabob and the Lebanese Butcher (the fountain makes it very romantic hee hee hee) both have great food at dirt cheap prices. Or like Eat Bar in Arlington it isn't too far away from the metro if you metro. I am trying to think of some good hole in the walls in DC... I am not as good at that except for like Oohs and Aahs, you could also do like Rice or Regent Thai for Thai? They aren't quite whole in the wall but very cheap.