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Oct 6, 2008 02:11 PM

exceptional restaurant(s) in/near Frederick MD

Need suggestions for the stated area for a family get together (party of 4) in early December 2008. None of the popular far east ethnic cuisines will do. American, italian, steak etc are OK . Any help?

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  1. Exceptional is a pretty strong word but try The Old South Mountain Inn In Boonsboro

    1. It's been over two years since we ate there, but my husband and I had a few really nice meals at the Tasting Room. I still crave their Lobster Whipped Potatoes with Chive Butter occasionally. I remember the steak being very good as well. It's located in the historic area of downtown Frederick.

        1. We like the Tasting Room but it gets really loud which is fine some nights and can be annoying on other nights (depending on our mood). We have been going to Monocacy Crossing pretty regularly and really enjoy it.

          1. The newest and most haute cuisine restaurant in Frederick is Volt which was just reviewed this past Sunday by Tom Sietsema in the Washington Post and he gave it a very good review.

            Monocacy Crossing is another good choice -- long-established restaurant on the south side of town with good food and low-key atmosphere -- not nearly as pretentious as Volt.

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              Volt is fine if you're not hungry. Tasting Room and Monocacy Crossing are very good choices. Hinode on Carroll Creek has decent sushi. South Mountain Inn is a neat place, but the food is too salty for my taste. Lucky Corner at Market and Seventh has pretty good Vietnamese food. Acacia has interesting quasi-asian seafood dishes. Isabella's has a wide variety of tapas and small plates, plus some great wine deals on Tuesday nights. Il Porto on South Market is a decent Italian place. The best thing about downtown Frederick is that you can do it all on foot. Too many bars and clubs to mention. A pub-crawlers paradise.