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Oct 6, 2008 02:09 PM

cooking classes in Paris


Looking for some help finding a cooking class in Paris. I know this has been discussed before and I have read with interest previous threads but I am still undecided.

Some background on me: I would describe myself as a reasonably accomplished home cook who can pull off some amazing dishes but, being self taught, I am occassionally unaware of some rather basic techniques too.

So on my trip to Paris I thought it would be fun to take a 1 day or half day cooking class but budget is an issue. One place I have come cross is Marguerite's Elegant Home Cooking which charges 110 Euro for a class that run 9am until 2pm. I am wondering if other's have tried it and what they thought. As well, do people know of other schools in a similar budget range?


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  1. I took a class with Rosabelle. She has a course called Cooking with the Countess. I think it is only bookable from here

    and she works on a lot of the basics and you can choose what you want to make. She does it at home so it was very relaxed.

    1. I was looking at taking a class from Atelier des Chefs a little while ago. All classes are one-day, but vary depending on the number of dishes being produced. Plus you get to eat afterwards, of course. But what got me interested was that the prices were really reasonable.

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          1. Have a look at the thread below titled Cook'n With Class. Really a wonderful experience. I'm sure that Eric would cater to your specific needs...he is great and I can't recommend the class enough.