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Oct 6, 2008 01:50 PM

Help me Select the Pizza for a Surprise Party (NW DC)

I am throwing a surprise party this weekend for a friend. I planned to have pizza delivered (it's a pizza and ice cream party). Here's my dilemna. We live in Woodley and normally pick something up from Vace. It's the best in the area and it isn't expensive. In this particular instance, I need to buy 8 pies and would prefer to get them delivered Do I:
A. Get the cheapest option and get Pizza Bolis ($30 for 4 large one topping pies)
B. Go for name recognition and get Papa Johns ($50 for 5 large five topping pizzas)
C. Go deep dish and get Armands ($110)
D. Get Pizza Hut (price unknown)
E. Suck it up and pick up pizza from Vace ($100)
Please make suggestions! I know there are other options ... anyone eaten from Manni and Olgas? Pizza Angelico is just to pricy. Two Amy's and Comet just won't work. Finally, I won't do Domino's for moral reasons.

So, please feel free to honestly tell me what you would do?

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  1. i suggest trying manny and olga's. it's not going to be fancy like vace's, but it's going to taste better than any of the other options you have.

    1. You should order from The pizza is quite good.

      1. Where did you come up with $100 figure for 5 pizzas from Vace? 5 large pizzas from vace with one topping should cost you $50ish, not $100. I would go with Vace, no question

        1. Duccini's should deliver to your area since they are at the base of Adam's Morgan. I really feel wrong raving about any DC area pizza, especially the chains, but this may be another option for you? Good luck with the surprise!