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Oct 6, 2008 01:49 PM

Where to lunch in Kent?

I got to thinking that around where I work in Kent there are MANY office parks, most of these have some sort of food service establishment - does anyone know any that are special or especially good? I was hoping for good homemade soup, pho, something special sandwiches, texmex, indian, homemade pastry. Anything goes. For that matter I'll take any recommendations in Kent :)

Current go to spots in Kent:

Spiro's Greek
WildWheat - for sandwiches and sometimes breakfast
El Riconcito for tacos
Punjab Sweets
Mexico Lindo for smashed beans and rice
Alki Bakery
BBQ Pete's
Kent Commons (various, mostly chain restaurants)
Imperial Garden
Del Rey


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  1. The Salmon Dip at Caveman Kitchen should be on your short list. Order a side of Dragonwheels to go with it.

    1. In the same mall (Great Wall Mall) as Imperial Garden, there is a small shop next to the Filipino restaurant that's to the right of pho restaurant. They sell various Vietnamese deli foods (banh mi, goi cuon, etc.) I think they're just as good as Saigon Deli.

      Also, down Central Ave north of the Willis St., there's a couple good Mexican joints.

      1. Thank you both for your reply. I'm not a big fan of Caveman (it was the only place to go for a while there), but I haven't tried the Salmon dip so maybe I'll give it a try. Isn't salmon dip a strange thing to have at a bbq place? :)

        I tried to make it to the Vietnamese deli but got sidetracked by a friend, I'm going to try it tomorrow. I love a good banh mi!

        Have you heard of a pho place in Kent called Cafe Pho Tic Tac?

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          I have to second - from the original post - Punjab Sweets (great authentic Indian Food) and one of the most quality bakeries and cafes in the Puget Sound - Wild Wheat Bakery and Cafe! Few people realize the extent they go to to make a lot of their own products. Great food.

          1. re: jamesbra

            Absolutely the best Pho I have had, perfect service from the owner 'Long' - very friendly. Cafe Pho Tic Tac on 104th in Kent.

            1. re: eparsons

              I like Szechuan First, especially for the twice-cooked fish.

          2. re: cburnsi

            you mentioned that a Salmon Dip is strange for a BBQ place.. and I guess it is. But I would urge you to try it, especially if you like salmon! the Cave Man Kitchen smoke-roasts it and it is brought in fresh by local NW fisherman. I was surprised and excited to see this last time I was in. Fresh salmon caught that day, being brought in on ice.. then off to the smoker. A beautiful Northwest thing!

            1. re: cburnsi

              forgot to attach a photo! Salmon Dip at Cave Man Kitchen.

            2. Right on the border of kent and renton is Saigon Palms. Ridiculously delicious vietnamese food. I especially love their banh xeo and really any of their grilled items.

              Saigon Palms
              101 SW 41st St
              Renton, WA 98057-4974
              (425) 251-5033

              On the Border
              7370 NE Cornell Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124

              1. I am fond of the pizza at Fondi's Pizzeria at Kent Station. Also, the new Kaiten Sushi Restaurant is worth checking out.