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Oct 6, 2008 01:35 PM

Traditional Greek Dishes?

I always get Greek take-out and decided to try making some of the dishes at home. I've thrown together some hummus in my blender, but thought I would try and find some more "authentic" fare. Any Greek home cooks want to share their favorite recipes with me? I would really appreciate any help!

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  1. here's one of my regular blog reads: kalofagas - greek food and beyond:

    lots of home-style and traditional.

    1. I have posted many of my recipes that I learned from my MIL in Greece. If you search my posting you will find them. Very traditional Greek recipes that i have are: tsatsiki, dolmathes, moussaka, pastitio,egg lemon soup, bean soup, baked giant beans, baklava, galactoboureko. If you can;t find them, let me know which ones you want and I will post. By the way. Hoummos is not Greek.

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        No spanakopita (sorry about any spelling errors) Emelief? And is chicken orzo soup Greek?

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          shrimp in tomato sauce made with ouzo, served over pasta. yummy! like this:

          how could i forget taramasalata?

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            Oh yea, of course I make spanikopita and tyropita. Chicken orzo soup?? never saw it in Greece. The traditional chicken soup is egg lemon. Made a big batch yesterday- yum! Traditional uses rice but no reason you can't use orzo if you prefer it. I have made taramasalata also but we have a local Greek market that makes the best taramasalata so I have become lazy.

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              Orzo aka krytharakia works well in avgolemono, I prefer it to rice, and imo it definitely reheats better, rice tends to "dissolve" a little too quickly for my taste when it sits in the soup in the fridge. When I'm being fastidious, I boil the orzo separately to keep the soup from getting starchy...

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                I'll have to ask my Greek hubby, maybe he hs had it that way and I might try it. I know he likes orzo in gouvetsi. I suppose there are many variations in all kinds of Greek food as in other cultures.

        2. If it's sweets you crave, Melomakarona are delicious cookies made during the Christmas season. If made correctly, these are a personal fave.

          Melomakarona -->

          1. On of our family favourites is pastitsio, also known as Greek Lasagna. There are as many versions for this as there is for Italian lasagne. It is more of a technique than a recipe. Check out the web and see if you find something you like. My own recipe is 'by-heart'