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Oct 6, 2008 12:45 PM

Need a spot in DC for a company dinner--100 guest

Any ideas? I need a nice, somewhat upscale, place to have a private company dinner for approx. 100 guest.

Last year we did Charlie Palmer Steak, and had a fantastic time, but we want to do something different.

Preference of food is steakhouse or italian, but other options will be evaluated if the food can appease most of the guests.

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  1. Not a steakhouse nor Italian but Acadiana has room for a group that large, up-scale cajun/southern cuisine where most people can find something on the menu, plus the food is good.

    I hear Tosca is very good in terms of Italian, but I've personally never been and don't know if they can hold a group that large.

    Other places to consider: PS7, Blue Duck Tavern, or Ceiba.

    1. We did Smith & Wollensky 2 years ago and it was very good. This year did DC Coast --also good. We did not have a beef option, but I'm sure you can get one.

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        I think both Smith and DC Coast have lost a step and are no longer as good as they were years ago. Went to several private dinners at Smith & Wollensky and If I were paying the bill would not go back

      2. We hosted are last dinner for 130 at the Bobby Van's on 12th street.
        Everything went so well we moved are holiday party there this year.

        1. call the ritz-carlton at tysons galeria. maestro's space is available until year's end for private parties/dinners.

          1. Did you do the main dining room at Charlie Palmer or upstairs on their terrace? If you haven't done the 8th floor (there's both an indoor space and a rooftop terrace), then you should ask about that. Gorgeous view of the Capitol -- went to a work event there and it was stunning (and of course, the food was great).