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Oct 6, 2008 12:08 PM

El Pedrino in Hendersonville, NC

This is a very small, very authentic taco stand located on Kanuga just across from Blue Water Seafood. Open lunch hours during the week with lunch and dinner on Sat/Sunday. Seating is limited to a couple of counter height stools.

Wife and I both loved it! I'd have a hard time telling you exactly what I had, other than it was shredded pork cooked in perfectly balanced spicy sauce served on fresh-made-on-the-spot tortillas. I just told the incredibly friendly guy behind the counter that I wanted something spicy and give me whatever he thought I'd like. He chose well.

Wife said the same thing, minus the spice. Her beef tacos were very flavorful. I assume so anyway since she declined to share!

Lunch was served with an "agua fresca" made of tamarind juice.

Served with okay frijoles and rice along with a roasted jalapeno. This place is very reminiscent of the street side stands I've had in Mexico. Highly recommended for a quick, change of pace lunch.

Price for a 2 taco lunch with sides and drink were $4.50. There are a couple other combos ranging from ~$4 - $10.

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  1. Glad you found it! I posted a very similar review a couple of years ago. Very good food, very simple, very, very cheap. Unfortunately I don't live in H'ville, so when I'm there I'm w/ my husband who is not a Mexican fan ;-(

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      Just to close out this thread, thisplace closed a couple of months ago. They really did turn out some fine tacos too, and at great prices. RIP!