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Oct 6, 2008 12:07 PM

Recommendations for anniversary

Hi all,

You have never failed me in the past so here goes. Its my 10th wedding anniversary and I want to pull out some if not all the stops ::grin:: . Im looking for a restraunt with a really nice tasting menu with some unique wine parings. Would like it romantic and quiet, but heck having someone cook tableside would be awesome too! The only real stumbling point is my wife is deathly allergic to soy and not much into the sushi scene. We are not food snobs by any streatch of the immagination but I want something that willl really blow her away.

We live in the food wasteland that is the Inland Empire but dont mind driving if the food is worth it.

Looking to spend around 150-300 Per person if that helps.

The big night is on Halloween so that might be rough. I dont know if the good places are open that night.

Let me know what you think will work.


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  1. Providence. Beautiful ingredients, perfectly and creatively prepared. Wide range of wines perfectly paired for each dish. Service is outstanding, you are the star of the show when you walk into Providence. Plus, it's quiet and romantic. Completely worth the drive.
    They have 5 and 9 course tasting menus, and also the Chef's tasting menu, where you get a room/table to yourselves and there's glass between you and the kitchen so you can watch the whole preparation. Not sure if there's a minimum no. of people for the Chef's tasting.

    1. I would also recommend Ortolon. It's very romantic and the food and service are both fantastic.

      1. Melisse in Santa Monica. Probably the best meal I've ever had in LA. Fantastic tasting menus/wine pairing and you can mix and match between the menus. Totally earns those 2 Michelin stars.

        I went to Providence for my anniversary in June--it was lovely, with great service, good food. Went to Melisse for a work dinner a week later and was blown away. Next year, that's where I'll be spending my anniversary.

        1. All these restraunts sound fantastic! Thank you so much for the assistance. Now I just have to pick which one. Are any of them coat and tie kind of places? The spouse and I are more "business causual" kind of folks. Not even sure my suit still fits.. lol

          Thanks again for all the help!

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          1. re: IEChowMan

            Leave your suit in mothballs. Biz casual will work just fine at any of these.

            1. re: Servorg

              Right, no worries about dressing up. Nice casual is the way to go. The first time I went to Providence I wore jeans (nice jeans, nice top, etc). But I have since decided to stop wearing jeans to nice restaurants. :p

            2. re: IEChowMan

              Well the reservations are in. Dinner for 2 at 7:00 at Melisse. I've never been to a Michelin restraunt before but am eager to try it now that I have read the reviews. We are going to try the Carte Blanche tasting menu. Sounds hevenly to just put yourself into the hands of a master.

              Thank you again for all the great suggestions.

              I will try to post a report on the evening.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I second Saddle Peak.. I was there last weekend for my birthday dinner and had an amazing time. Excellent food, great wine list and great service. We've been there several time and always have a great meal.