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Oct 6, 2008 11:53 AM

Is it fair to be dismissive of a place that doesn't offer no-charge water?


Of course the food is the number one thing, but I am inclined to write off an establishment if they refuse to provide free drinking water. I figure if they are so chintzy as to not give their customers free water, then perhaps they are cutting corners in other aspects? It's just a real off-putting thing.

  1. Where is the restaurant/establishment? What kind of restaurant/establishment is it?

    1. Are they only offering bottled water? Seems a tad out of step when the thing to do is to drink 'local' water. Not only is it green by using less resources for production and shipping and a new 'statement' of sustainability, but most cities' water performs better in taste tests than bottled water.

      I'm not sure if they are chintzy but it is very off putting, seems service adverse, and I wouldn't eat there even if the food was decent. Charge me for the bread but give me the water please.

      1. It doesn't bother me so much if it's a fast food place charging say $.25 for a cup, but if it's a sit-down place forcing you to ordered bottled water, it does turn me off. Bottled water is not necessarily any better than tap water and the environmental impact of bottled water is much greater. Sure the restaurant is going to have to wash a glass and possibly give out a straw, but that's not a huge expense.

        1. if there is clean glassware and a running tap then (at least in America) they should offer free water.

          1. Jfood is a tap water eater so this effects his dining experience in the middle of the bulls eye.

            He would not be dismissive at all if a restaurant would not serve free tap water. It will be one of the inputs for the cost decision on whether to go. No different from any otheritemon the menu.