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Oct 6, 2008 10:52 AM

5 days in NY - looking for varied experiences

I know you must see hundreds of these types of requests, so I beg your patience.

My husband and I are coming to New York for a week (which is a big deal for us because we're coming without our 2 yrs. old twins). We have been to New York many times before, but really want to make the most of this week.

We are staying in midtown (50's btw lex. and park) and plan on going to the met. opera one night and the theater probably 2 nights. During the day we'll probably go to some art galleries in Chelsea, museums (probably MOMA, the Whitney, Guggenheim, Art/Design) and see friends.

So, that was a long-winded way of telling that we will be doing the same thing every other tourist does! The advice I'm seeking is for some fun, exciting places to eat for lunch and/or dinner. We will want to do one "fancy"/special night. Other than that, we are open to anything (except - no "family" places we have enough of that at home). We like trying new things and are adventurous eaters. I know I'm not narrowing it down well enough, but if anyone has fun doing vacation planning for others - I would much appreciate your assistance.

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  1. Some ideas to get you started:

    Museum Mile:

    Wander around the Greenwich Village, Soho & Chinatown: (if you click on the places on the list, you'll see the Places links, and the threads that they are linked to


    Here's a link to an outing I went on with some other 'hounds in Chinatown, with some great cheap eats. Also, that poster had some great meals on her visit to NYC, so I definitely recommend perusing the thread - Yasuda (sushi) and Ssam (pork buns, many other varieties of pork deliciousness) are two I highly recommend.

    Before or after the opera, you might enjoy trying Bar Boulud, or Picholine (haven't been to the latter but have seen many great reports).

    1. i'm a big fan of boston harbor. maybe you can put a picnic basket together when in town, including wine, and take the circle line tour of manhattan island. three hours, sit on the port side. shop at whole foods and see what you can come up with.

      walk the brooklyn bridge (manhattan to brooklyn). grab a pizza at grimaldi's or sunset dinner at river cafe (men must wear a jacket). watch the sun go down on the battery: simply stunning. take the water taxi back to the battery. have a drink at the ritz carlton's rise bar.

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      1. re: steve h.

        I've always wanted to do a picnic on the Circle Line myself - there's no issue with bringing your own food/wine on board?

        1. re: MMRuth


          i bring a big ol' basket of cheese, olives, salumi, wine and pate. two breads to handle the load. my knives and forks are plastic.

          the circle line is low-rent entertainment. fancy? not even close. worth it? big time.

          give it a shot.

          1. re: steve h.

            Excellent - thanks! Though I'll have to bring metal utensils for my husband .....

            1. re: MMRuth

              no worries. have way too much fun. i pop the wine with my swiss army knife. low rent? i did say that, right?

              sit on the port side and give me your thoughts. looking forward.

      2. So many places, so little time... since it sounds like you'll be in and around the theater district... some ideas...
        Churrascaro Plataforma: brazilian, lots of food, Empanada Mama's on 9th in the 40's- not fancy- but fantastic empanada's, Szechuan Gourmet- best chinese on the island (on 39th and 6th) ...

        For some fun day food and fun planning-- check out

        1. Hi Beca - your post caught my attention because my husband and I are about to head to NYC for a quickie visit without our 17 month old twins. I know what a big deal it is to get a way and a week, OMG, make sure you have at least one room service in bed!!

          I can't speak to spots that have opened in the last couple of years - and the local hounds will give you lots of great advice here - but some past favourites include Tides, 'inoteca, Red Cat, Hearth, Tia Pol, Jewel Bako and Eleven Madison Park. For lunches, we like Mary's Fish Camp and Cafe Gitane. For brunch, we really like Prune and Clinton Street Bakery. When you're hitting the museums, do yourself a favour and check out Via Quadronno for a fantastic cappuccino (courtesy of MMRuth) and panini. Have heard great things about Little Owl, Five Points (brunch), Cookshop, Perry Street, Mas and Perilla. We're Shake Shack fans as there's nothing even remotely like it in Toronto.

          Have fun!!!

          1. Try Prune in the East Village (1st and 1st) for a low-key, casual, exceptionally wonderful dinner. Gabrielle Hamilton's simple, honest and completely unique fare is a NY treat. And excellent service from a well-trained staff of E. Village hipsters.

            The Circle Line picnic previously mentioned sounds *amazing.*

            Have drinks on the way to or from your hotel at Grand Central, at Cipriani's overlooking the main hall. The architecture alone is worth going for.

            Pre- or post- Theater dinner, try Osteria al Doge (44th b/w 6&7 -- authentic northern Italian, excellent fish and risotto, great place to dine at the bar. Seems to be non-touristy).

            Try Resto on 38th (?) in Murray Hill for a killer beer selection and sinful pub food. Great service and fun staff.

            Have fun!

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              Resto is on East 29thbetween Park and Lexington.