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Oct 6, 2008 10:45 AM

Dai Ichi Sushi in West Mississauga

After reading some random reviews for good value sushi, we decided to try Dai Ichi sushi, in southwest mississauga, on Winston Churchill, same plaza as Longo's. It is operated by Koreans and serve some korean dishes too, on top of their sushi menu. We ordered a 16 pcs sushi dinner and a 16 pcs sashimi dinner. It cost approximately $1 per piece before tax. The free appetizers weren't worth it. The salad with iceberg lettuce had too much dressing and was sour; the miso soup had too much miso and was too salty.

However, the quality of the fish was fresh, especially for its price. The ratio of fish/rice was balanced too, and well crafted (unlike T&T ones); the fish covered all 5 sides of the rice except the bottom. We were even served 2 pcs of toro fat belly tuna sushi. We could tell because it was more pale than the (dark red) tuna on sashimi dinner and the texture inside the mouth was noticeably different too. However, its not Kaji toro since we didn't pay $100 for the meal, but it is still decent in GTA standard, and even more surprising that it was included in a sushi dinner. Maybe because it was sunday night, end of weekend, so they decided not to waste it and satisfy the customers. Because they did that, we will return again.

The service was not great though, the green tea, salad, and miso soup was served after the sushi. That being said, we didn't have to wait long for our main course either.

The place look nice and clean. They even have a TV broadcasting a baseball playoff game.

Overall, we find that it had good value and we would go back again. However, we would like to try other places in Mississauga first. Hinote sushi would be next. What other cheap sushi place in Mississauga is there that we should try?

Sushi Tei used to be our first choice, but we find that it's quality isn't what it used to be, hence lower value.
Although not in Mississauga, but supposedly best value in Toronto, we know there are higher value place in downtown, like New Gen, sushi on bloor, or on queen, but value is lower for us because it's a long drive and parking is hard to find. Their sushi might be cheaper, but we save more on parking, gas, car mileage and time if we stay in West end.

your input is appreciated


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  1. Kumai and Jimbay (with Kumai being the better of the two) are likely the best places to get sushi in Mississauga. I'm not concerned with price as much as I am with quality, and both of these restaurants have good quality sushi for good value (I don't think we consider good value to be the same thing -- good value for me involves quality product at a reasonable price).

    I don't think I've had fresher fish, proper fish portions, properly cut, decent rice quality/texture/seasoning, decent temperature accuracy, etc. in Mississauga than at Kumai. Cheap sushi generally means bad sushi.

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      Agree completely with tjr. Dai Ichi seems equal to the dozens of hit-or-miss sushi joints scattered around Mississauga. Typically, one good hand roll is overwhelmed by mediocre-to-bad nigiri and dishwatery miso soup at these places. Whip in fumbling and/or surly service and you've got the working model most seem to follow. I love Kumai and feel they hit the price/quality sweetspot more often than not. If they have a weakness, it's the inability to cope with a larger than normal house. Even then, the service stumbles are pardonable in light of the food.

      1. re: Kagemusha

        Yes, I forgot service, and Kagemusha is correct. As we all know, service in the GTA is generally poor; Kumai's is acceptable. We've had bad service there (bad as in slow, not rude and offensive) on several occasions (even with few people in the dining room); speaking Japanese helps. Service at sushi restaurants in the GTA (especially at the bottom end) appears to be universally terrible. Slow service probably shouldn't discourage you from Kumai if you aren't in a hurry; the food is much better than you'd get at other places (with the exception of Jimbay, where service can be slightly better, and the food just as good).