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Just started work in SoHo: Where to chow cheaply?

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Hey guys,

Just started work at a new office in SoHo. I live in the East Village and previously worked around Port Authority, both places where there were abundant cheap options. SoHo, not so much? Any tips on where to grab cheaply priced but yummy lunches? Pizza, burgers, sandwiches, Mexican. Basically anything that will put very little stress on the wallet. Nolita, lower Greenwich Village option also welcome.

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  1. Alidoro, Pinche Taqueria, Fanelli, Lahore, Crosby Connection, Calexico cart, Grandaisy (maybe, those sandwiches are kinda small), Once Upon a Tart....


    See lunchstudio.blogspot.com.

    1. You could stop by the tapas bar at Despana as well.

        1. Where in Soho specifically? (Helpful if you're looking for something quick to grab and go back to the office)...

          1. The Dominican takeout place on Lafayette between prince and Spring. $7 a plate.

            1. i've only been there for dinner, but maybe sandwiches from the Greek place Snack on Thompson...

              i second both Lahore and Fanelli...

              also, if you are considering Nolita options, there might be some Chinatown options on Mott as well...

              1. there is this great sandwich place called Parisi's. Huge, delicious sandwiches. Also Cafe Duke is down there, but not super great.

                1. Depending on where in Soho - (I'm in the middle) I go to:
                  Two Boots for pizza - Bleeker, between Broadway & Lafayette ($2.50-$3.50) (I just started ordering their stuffed pizza and it's really a good deal for the price)
                  Fu Kee - Lafayette and N of Canal for Chinese, duck on rice, roast duck etc. ($5.00)
                  Fanelli's - Prince & Mercer, for burgers, and a bowl of chili ($8.00-$9.00)
                  Mamoun's - Falafel, Schwarma, etc. on a nice day, it's worth the walk, Macdougal St.
                  Gourmet Garage, I buy a hunk of a cheese I like , (Pave d'Affinois) some olives, and a French roll ($6.00).
                  I wish there was a really good Indian place, but there aren't any nearby.

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                    I've been giving Lahore a try on and off for years. I tried it again today. Today it was ok. In the past I've had some stuff that wasn't. Not sure if it's hit or miss, I don't go often enough to tell, after my misses I stay away for months. One note, if you heat the food up so it's really hot it tastes better, their microwaves never heat the food enough. If you can't reheat when you get back to your office, or eat at the counter, I wouldn't go.