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Oct 6, 2008 10:19 AM

Westside wine bars?

Went to Bodega last night and while it was a great place to hang out with friends, I wasn't really impressed by the wine (for a wine bar, they seem to be a lot less concerned with the wine than they are providing a cool place to hang). Anyone have suggestions?

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  1. cafe pintxo in santa monica for great small plates.

    1. I enjoy Bottle Rock in Culver City

      1. BottleRock!! Rocks. The truffle grilled cheese sandwiches are To.Die.For. And there's a huge wine list to choose from, all styles, all price ranges. Good beer too. Had the Allagash Curiaux (sp?) on tap last week with duck breast salad. They're on Main Street, just north of Culver Blvd. Rumor is there is a downtown LA location on it's way...

        1. air conditioned lounge. 2819 pico at stewert. amazing selection of wine and excellent djs. very mellow place that focuses on the vino.
          their popular wine tastings are every tuesday till 930.

          1. you should also check out upstairs2.