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Oct 6, 2008 09:27 AM

Poblano Peppers

I grew poblanos in my garden this year with success. I have left a few too many on the plants and they have turned a beautiful chocolate color. Can I use these the same way as "normal poblanos"? By me leaving them on the vine longer did it alter there flavor negatively? Any great recipes using pobalnos would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. No. I have seen them in the Mexican markets this way. Stuff them to make chile rellenos.

    Blacken then remove skins and then use in many dishes and sauces

    1. They ought to be fine so long as there are no soft spots. Eat all you can now, but the rest will freeze beautifully. Char the skins first, then (optionally) remove the stems and seeds before packing them into serving-sized bunches.

      1. Occasionally I've seen ones in the store that are turning red.

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          We too had success with our poblanos, we chose 3 plants form our Farmers Market dealer, and 1 plant in particular has been good to us.

          #1 favorite way to enjoy- cook them on the bbq and refridgerate for adding to everything.

          #2- thick slice of poblano cooked with egg for breakfast sandwich.

          #3- I use the big ones from the market here- stuff NON COOKED poblanos wih mixture of smoked gouda, queso ranchero, black beans, corn off the cob, lemon spiced rice, cilantro-green onion-red onion- stuff into nooks and crannies with fingers- I do the best job I can using small knife to take off stem and portion around it- so I can fill and replace top and pin with tooth pick/skewer.

          Bake in a hot oven- having drizzled poblanos with olive oil and salt them- bake until they are collapsing and the aroma is making you drool.

          #4 we take poblanos and cut them into thick slices- place in baking dish- mix smaller type cooked tail off shrimp with chopped poblanos, smoked gouda/queso fresco and any fresh green herb- smopther cut pieces and bake till done. YUM.

          I am in love with these peppers. Anyone know a source for seeds?

        2. I'm guessing the peppers are fine. Ancho chiles are just dried mature poblanos, from what I understand. Poblanos are one of my favorite things to cook with (and eat!) and are great mixed into chilis, salsas and any other dishes that benefit from a little oomph.

          I've been meaning to try this recipe from Steven Raichlen. It sounds quite similar to jalamamama's recipe, but grilled.

          We also love roasted poblanos with potatoes, onions and cream. Cut potatoes into small cubes and cook with olive oil and sliced onions until lightly browned. Add a couple of cloves of minced garlic toward the end if you'd like. Add roasted poblanos that have been cut into strips, Mexican crema or sour cream, and salt and pepper to taste and heat through. You can also throw in some queso fresco, mild feta or melting cheese of your choice. These are great as a side dish, work well in enchiladas or tacos as a filling when mixed with seasoned black beans, and make a wonderful breakfast or light dinner mixed with scrambled eggs and served with tortillas on the side. Simple food that really satisfies.