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Oct 6, 2008 09:12 AM

Recommendations for Southern NH, Merrimack Valley, Monadnock, etc.

I will be taking a day trip to NH on Thursday with my husband and two children, ages 4 & 7. We're not sure where we're going, and I'm looking for any kind of recommendations for restaurants, food-festivals, or local places to pick apples, pumpkins, etc. Can anyone make any recommendations for foodie things (or other things) to do with 2 small children in this area?


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  1. Gould Hill just outside concord has the best view and cider.

    This is in Hollis, no festival, but huge.

    The best consistent apple festival is at Applecrest...not in the Monadnock region, near the seacoast, but excellent. Free bango music etc.

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      Not to far from Gould Hill is Beech Hill Farm for ice cream and farm animals. They have a corn maze too.
      I thought the corn maze was too simple but we went about 2 years ago and I was comparing it to the Great Vermont Corn Maze in Danville VT (far north) which is fantastic. If it's warm enough, though, Beech Hill has a big sand pile and toy trucks that kids enjoy. Nice to do something after a long car ride.
      I've also heard great things about Charmingfare Farm.
      If you head north on Rt 93 and take exit 17 in Boscawen/Canterbury there's a great bbq place, very casual, called The Smoke Shack. Would be very good for lunch. Gould Hill is near Rt 89. You can take back roads west to Gould Hill for apples than Beech Hill for ice cream. Gould Hil also has a little nature museum in its barn. I haven't done the easy hike up Mt Kearsarge in Warner for many years but that would be a short drive from Gould Hill.

    2. I've heard wonderful things about Charmingfare Farm - just outside Manchester NH.
      Hay rides, petting zoo, etc. and just do a search on ding in Manchester, there is loads of excellent choices:

      1. As for food, if your family likes seafood, I love Larry's Clam Bar in Plaistow, NH. My family and I have been eating there for over 25's definitely an institution in our book. Casual seafood dining where they call your number and you get your tray..they have some video games for the kids to play while you wait and an ice cream shop inside for dessert.

        1. Charmingfare Farm is great for kids. It is a little zoo set on a farm that has New England animals. This time of year they also have a hayride for children that makes stops along the way in the woods. At each stop they have costumed characters giving out candy. It is in Candia NH. Right near by is an italian restaurant that is great. It is called Pasquales. It is in a little strip mall. The owner is direct from Italy!!