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Oct 6, 2008 09:01 AM

Dinner alone in/around Dupont?

I'll be in town for work later this week, staying in Dupont Circle, and looking for great foodie places to dine alone. I've looked around the site and seen a number of tempting looking places but would love to not spend an arm and a leg - I work for a nonprofit and they're footing the bill.

These are my current maybe's:
Mark & Orlando's
Bistrot Du Coin
Hank's Oyster Bar
Sushi Taro

For lunch, I'm planning on Central & Brasserie Beck to give you an idea of my other eating plans.

Info about me: my home base is San Francisco; I prefer slightly lighter fare but am not calorie-fobic; at home I'm all about local food. Feedback?

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  1. Might add Heritage India (hawker menu), for something different and near you. Over by Cork is also Bar Pilar which would be comfortable eating alone at the bar and probably well within your budget and does local/seasonal (go on Tuesday night for special drink menu, Adam the bartender is great, I really recommend this). Maybe Pizzeria Paradiso? I think Taberna del Alaberdero is probably one of the best restaurants in DC, walkable from Dupont and has a good happy hour deal on tapas (that I know about thanks to CH, it's not on their website).

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      I 2nd Taberna. AMAZING tapas and very affordable when you go for happy hour.

    2. Sushi Taro would be #1 on my list (esp b/c of the sushi bar if you are alone) but it is pricey. Also check out Mourayano, Etrusco, and Darlington House.

      1. I eat at Hank's and Bistro du Coin by myself all the time. Both are tasty and friendly to single diners.

        Another option would be the bar at Sette Osteria. You can get a pizza, cured meats and cheeses or one of their pasta dishes. I also really like their sausage and broccoli rabe dish.

        Another sushi spot I really enjoy which is cheap and low-key is Sakana on P St. Try the Sakana roll...its amazing!

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          You know, that sausage and rabe dish I really liked too! And always expect other stuff there to be as good, but don't think it quite is, still a nice place. (And Elyssa, I think you're responsible for me knowing about Taberna's tapas happy hour, which really ranks high, so thanks!)

          Emmaroseats -- I hope you report back on both dinner and breakfast. There are lots of requests for Dupont dining, and I always wonder what ends up working for visitors.

          1. re: mselectra

            I like Bistro du Coin for a nice French Onion soup on a cold rainy day.

        2. Saint Ex, which, while not exactly Dupont, is right up the street from Cork. If you're going to wander that far afield and want some variety you might try one of our great Ethiopian restaurants. Dukem (on the corner of 12th and U) is good. Closer to Dupont proper, maybe check out Montsouris.

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            can't help but think Teaism would fit nicely into your plans, not for dinner but at least take a look for b-fast/brunch/lunch. or at least a quick snack, salty oat cookie, and outrageous Chai.

            1. re: 42duffy

              42 Duffy- I really like Teasim, too...It is a funky place with good food. I have had their eggs & nova and waffle & chick-apple sausage- Both delicious. Moby Dick House Of Kabob is another great suggestion- it is Iranian food- I always get the chicken kabob w/ rice or jooj (bread) and a side of hummus- it is counter-service and casual but excellent for freshly prepared and delicious food. Out of the restaurants you listed, I have been to Central, Brasserie Beck, Hanks, Bistro Du Coin,and I liked them all.

          2. Wouldn't bother with Sushi Taro if you're from S.F. Obelisk may be out of your employer's range but you can probably ask for two bills and pay a portion out of your pocket. Komi is one of the best DC restaurants but you will definitely be paying a part of it yourself. Bistrot du Coin is more for the atmosphere than food.

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              Ericaandblueboy- I agree...Komi is excellent!!!

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                The best options hands down in this area are Obelisk and Komi. Slightly less expensive (those are both tasting menu only) and also enjoyable would be the Tabard Inn. I think Cork is too crowded for a solo diner. i don't think you'll find anything special about Saint Ex or Sushi Taro. Hanks is tasty but did not inspire on my last visit. Taberna del Albardero is a very good deal for happy hour -- half price tapas are wonderful and they have decent Spanish wines by the glass. If you are into fish, Pesce is an enjoyable bistro serving simple fish dishes on P Street.

                Would you consider Ethiopian? That's a different experience and there are a number of places east of theDupont/Adams Morgan/U street area.