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Oct 6, 2008 08:56 AM

Weekday Breakfast in Dupont

I'll be in town for a few days this week and was hoping to explore some different breakfast places in Dupont Circle. Last couple visits I hit up Kramers (I know, I know) & Teaism. Walking around is not an issue but I'd love to avoid a trip on the metro pre-coffee.

I looked around on the board and the only thing really catching my eye for breakfast is Tabard inn. Any other suggestions? Preferably for an earlier riser (eating before 8 would be great).

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  1. Here's a couple ideas. Luna is waiter service and pretty comfortable, good enough food, might be your best bet (next to Teaism). Soho is a cafe, I think they have bagels and pastries kind of stuff. There are lots of au pon pains and cosis and stuff like that south of dupont. I think I'm blanking on something else.... There's a long thread about brunch in Dupont that might (or might not) be helpful.

    Luna Grill & Diner
    1301 Connecticut Ave NW Frnt 1, Washington, DC 20036

    Soho Tea & Coffee
    2150 P St NW, Washington, DC

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      I 2nd SoHo Coffee. The place has real character, plus their breakfast burritto is tasty.

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        Luna Grill has phenomenal breakfast and brunch- I would definitly recommend getting the sweet potato fries. YUM!

      2. Java House on S and 17th and Commissiony in Logan Circle

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          I think Java House was what I was blanking on. I went to Commissary for first time yesterday and did have breakfast, it was okay (better than I expected), nice place to hang out (right across from Whole Foods, fyi).

        2. Lawson's is good but it is counter service (like Teaism). Ditto Greek Deli (and that's a bit further). Luna is your best bet, IMO. Nothing special but not many places are special when you are talking weekday breakfast.